The BlackBOOK: Five Steps to Write Your Own Paycheck


Have you ever wondered if you are destined to do something really special with your life? Have you always felt a little but different than everyone around you, a misfit maybe…? Have you always wondered what it would like to be a fully self sufficient entrepreneur?

Since 2004 i have helped over 30,000 people start online businesses. My students have earned in excess of $30 million dollars for themselves as entrepreneurs. And, every one of them was exactly where you are right now… wondering.

I might be in the minority, but I believe you can do it too. “Why?” you ask? Because I did it myself (with the help of a mentor of course.) In fact, not only have I done it for myself, I have successfully mentored thousands of people directly and indirectly to do it too.

Take a look at this pic… This is a 76 year old retired surgeon who lost everything when the FL real estate markets collapsed in 2008. Not only was he bale to retain his dignity, he is now writing his own ticket from home in South Florida.

After three years of struggling as an online entrepreneur, I finally broke through March of 2004.

I happened to get lucky and find a mentor. This person was the first person to believe in me. I had zero self confidence nor belief in myself. Then, all of a sudden, with the help of my mentor, I figured out how to put to use everything I had already learned and went to work. And, within 90 days, I was out of my job, a full time entrereneur.

If you are one of those little engines out there who thinks “I can!” then I have something for you. I am proud to introduce my brand new mentorship program for aspiring online entrepreneurs.

I may be a classic rags to riches story. I am also a perfect example of what is possible if you know the right people and you have a good mentor(s). No money, education (8th grade to be exact), or self confidence, I am the little train that “could”!

Within 90 days, I was able to quit my job and become a full time entrepreneur. 90-days after that, I made $20k in one month! My 10th month as an entrepreneur, Jan 2005 I netted over $100k in commissions as an independent marketing affiliate. $102,715 to be exact. I won every award in the book and then some.

 I am not telling you this to brag. Far from it in fact. I am telling you this to impress upon you that I am a results first entrepreneur. This is what gives me the authority and credibility that I enjoy.

Are you ready to WAKE UP your inner entrepreneur, find your X-Factor, and begin to create the future you really want to live?

I can’t promise to make you successful, but I can promise to do my best…