I Can’t Wait To Be Old

When I was twenty-two, I dated a girl (let’s call her Rebecca) who used to say, “I can’t wait till I’m old!” She was 23, beautiful, witty, extremely well read. She had what seemed like two-dozen close friends who adored her, compared to my two or three who frequently questioned my morals. She wasn’t running […]


The Survival Of The Fittest

Whether you’re already an entrepreneur, or just thinking about becoming one, you are invariably motivated by one of two things, or maybe even both—passion and necessity.  Very often, entrepreneurs do what they do simply because they like it and want to do it.  And because entrepreneurs, particularly very successful ones, rarely do anything half-way, they […]


Get Real. Get Rich.

Lottery sales are booming. (And so are alcoholic beverage sales, but that’s a whole separate issue.) And why wouldn’t they be. The economy has tanked and the ship is still sinking. Unemployment is through the roof and is still rising. People are starting to panic. Everybody is looking for the magic pill—maybe it’s a magic […]


The First Ever CarbonCopyPRO “10FOR10” Event Goes Live on Fifth Avenue

New York, NY- CarbonCopyPRO, the internet-based marketing system responsible for launching the revolutionary “Business-In-a-Box” hosted it’s first ever “10FOR10” conference in New York City. The select group of members granted access to this private event spent the day accruing insider tips and work-shopping the latest online marketing strategies with Jay Kubassek, Aaron Parkinson (CarbonCopyPRO co-founders), […]