Carbon Copy Pro System: New Additions

I started Carbon Copy Pro (review here) as a single home based operation back in 2004 to train my new team members so they could experience the success I was enjoying. Since then, it has become the world’s most powerful marketing system, spreading into over 100 countries.  The Carbon Copy Pro system is an internet marketing and education resource company which helps its members to set up and run their own internet home based business.  It combines a community of people all striving towards the same goals, with the personal knowledge of internet business experts, and a quality line of products which help the client set up and run their own internet business.

Since the number of people using Carbon Copy Pro has increased tremendously (which also meant an increase in falsified Carbon Copy Pro scam allegations…) I figured I should also create some extra perks for members who are doing a good job.  This is why I have created the Seven for 7 program.  This leadership development program awards a new BMW 7-Series sedan to all members who build and maintain a team of 7 active members, each of whom demonstrates significant leadership in our community.  Carbon Copy Pro is now focusing more on leadership, education, and training than it did in the past.  This focus on leadership development benefits both the entrepreneur and the company itself as internet entrepreneurs who sign on with Carbon Copy Pro gain immediate access to its one of a kind turn key system.

If you succeed in the Seven for 7 program, I have also created the Ten for 10 program which is one step higher.  If you are able to build a team of ten successful members you are able to attend a day-long mastermind session at the company’s New York headquarters. There you will be personally mentored by Carbon Copy Pro’s founding partners and you will discuss more ways to take advantage of the Carbon Copy Pro system including the millionaire mindset, the best practice marketing strategies, and Web 2.0 optimization specifics.

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