Coastal Vacations or Carbon Copy PRO?

Coastal Vacations is a home based Internet program (which can benefit from a system like Carbon Copy PRO) which sells vacations through its membership program.  Coastal Vacations has been a part of the travel club industry for over 15 years.

This business prides itself on helping individuals make money through selling vacations while also being able to enjoy the vacations themselves.

During your startup with Coastal Vacations you’ll learn how to advertise and sell your business with the guidance of a sponsor.

This company makes some powerful claims about their travel club industry.  CoastalVacations offers to:

  • Present and inform your leads about Coastal
  • Close each and every sale for you
  • Process payments for you
  • Send you checks right to your mailbox
  • Ship the packages to your clients for you
  • Generate the best leads in the market so you don’t have to generate them on your own

Coastal Vacations asks its customers to make a one time investment that covers the membership for a lifetime.  One of the highlights of the membership program is that it’s 100% transferable.  With a program like this, the members can transfer the benefits to a loved one or friend.

Coastal Vacations also offers access to condominium rentals to its members.  Often the travel and food expenses can be covered by average families, but adding in costly lodging can make a luxury trip seem impossible.  There are also many missed vacation opportunities when lodging arrangements can’t be made.  With Coastal Vacations, the customer has the opportunity to use condominium rentals which can make planning a trip a little easier.

The Coastal Vacations program provides its members with advertising resources, audio and video tutorials and training materials so its potential members can follow the program every step of the way.

Finally, remember, to scrutinize each offer you consider pursuing and hold it to a very high standard so that you invest your time and money in a program that will return your efforts.

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