Mike Dillard: Partners with Carbon Copy Pro

Carbon Copy Pro started because I wanted a little extra income, so I decided to create my own internet business to make some money.  Once my business really started growing though, to my surprise, I could not handle it all myself and I have had many other successful internet entrepreneurs help me with my product.  I am the CEO of the program, and Aaron Parkinson is the president.

We also got a lot of help from one of our good friends, Mike Dillard.  Mike has his own company called Magnetic Sponsoring.  The company produces awesome products for the average folks to help them get started with their own online marketing efforts and get leads online and make sale.

Since Mike Dillard created Magnetic Sponsoring (along with other products like MLM Traffic Formula, MLM System Formula, and PPC Domination), there has been many magnetic sponsoring “scams” put out in to the market in order to pose as Magnetic Sponsoring, and to make money off of people that think it will be just as successful as Mike Dillard’s program.

Many network marketers have researched these so called scams and have found that none of them work as well as the original.  Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring is the only very successful magnetic sponsoring program on the market.  Having known Mike for years, I can attest to the fact that he produces only the best quality content.  He and his company gets my full recommendation.  You will be wise to invest in his products and to use that in conjunction with CarbonCopyPro to put your business on the fast track.

All of Mike’s programs an be  used in conjuction with both MLM Lead System Pro and Carbon Copy.

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