Other Resources that Help with Carbon Copy Pro

I am not the only one who has worked on creating and establishing the program, Carbon Copy Pro (review here).  Another helper of mine was Mike Dillard who also created the program called magnetic sponsoring.  Magnetic sponsoring is another type of network marketing industry which helps clients create their own business and marketing strategy in order to gain a larger income for them and to help out themselves and their families in the long run.

Mike Dillard did not create that by himself though, but had a group of successful network marketers to help him create the best product possible for his clients to take advantage of.  Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring is not only used in the U.S. however, because it contains universal marketing principles that every distributor from every part of the world can use to be successful in network marketing.

In order for a person to get started in magnetic sponsoring they first opt into his free seven day Magnetic Sponsoring boot camp on his website.  During those seven days, the client watches video clips and learn about the basics of “magnetic sponsoring” and some of the steps they will have to take in order to be successful with the product.  After going through the seven day “boot camp” and “Magnetic Sponsoring” (an introduction to the concept of attraction marketing), the client goes forward with Mike’s famous “MLM Traffic Formula, which reveals advanced strategies on building a huge online business.  This goes hand in hand with the CarbonCopyPro marketing system.

Since the start of Mike Dillard’s program there have been many magnetic sponsoring “scams” which try to act like Mike Dillard’s product but none are entirely the same or have the same benefits as Mike Dillard’s program.  If you are going to choose the route of magnetic sponsoring, Mike Dillard’s program is the way to go.

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