The Many Benefits of Carbon Copy Pro

Carbon Copy Pro is an Internet marketing education and research company which over the past year has become the world’s fastest-growing, with customers in over 100 countries.  It started as a single home-based operation as a way for me to make a little extra money but has quickly grown into one of the largest communities of very successful Internet-based entrepreneurs who are able to share their own information and helpful tips and to use the same given by others.

As a member of Carbon Copy Pro (leveraging the concept of Carbon Copy Marketing), not only do you get the benefits of having an entire community of people working towards the same goal that you are striving for, but also many other helpful things as well.

As a member of CCPro you receive:

  • Unlimited email, toll-free, and live chat support
  • A one year membership to a powerful product line for your CarbonCopyPRO information system
  • Daily marketing and mindset training via conference calls and webinars
  • Personal and professionally built websites and an online marketing system
  • Monthly CarbonCopyPRO newsletters
  • Nine powerful income streams including $200 on every `Business in a Box – BiB` sale
  • Access to our member`s only forum
  • A professional call center to assist with closing sales

This CCmarketing system is a completely new way of thinking for some, but has turned many peoples’ lives around who did not think they had a chance.  As Ann M. England put it, “One single click of the mouse has changed my life forever.  Six months and $100k later and I’m no longer a translator but a full-time Internet entrepreneur.  Those six months have been the happiest of my 35-year working life… and it’s all thanks to Carbon Copy Pro”.

Ann England is one of many people whose lives were completely transformed by CCPro.  Our goal is to produce 100 millionaires by the year 2010 with this online marketing education system, will you one those 100?

P.S. If you are concerned about Carbon Copy Pro scam allegations, this should interest you.

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