One-on-one coaching with Jay

One-on-one coaching virtual sessions

To inquire about one-on-one sessions, email Alexis [] and she will let you know availability and confirm date, time and payment. Then, you’ll get a pre-session questionnaire that you’ll complete and return to me.

At the scheduled time, we’ll jump on the phone or skype. We’ll start strategic and peel away bigger picture challenges. Then, we’ll get highly tactical. If you’ve got specific questions, challenges and struggles, we will laser focus on them.

The conversation will focus in on your greatest pain points and opportunities.
Topics often include everything from fixing or optimizing your business model to re-igniting innovation, redefining or adding products or services to changes in your marketing funnel, headlines, page-copy, offers, calls-to-action or website design needed to increase conversion and generate more leads or sales.

Our time together is about getting a fresh set of eyes and making a real and immediate difference. We are going to focus on maximum impact stuff first.

If it becomes clear the problem in your business is that you shouldn’t be in that business, I’m going to tell you, then share how to rework what you’re doing to make it align with who you are. For some, I may also guide you to the realization that what got you into your business is no longer what’s keeping you there and big decisions about why you’re staying need to be made.

And if you’re just now thinking about launching a business, but you’re not sure if it’s a good call, I’ll help you figure out whether to move forward or not and if you do, what changes you might need to make before pouring a ton of money and time into something that’s destined to fail.

I’m what my clients would call “a compassionate realist,” I’ll give it to you lovingly, but straight from the hip. (You will not be paying me to be your friends per se, you will be paying me for my unique perspective of life and business.)

We may get a little koombaya on the call (because one of the biggest underground reasons for business decline is the development of a personal/business alignment gap). But there’s nothing fluffy about what you’ll walk away with—specific, well-defined tactics, strategies, action-steps, priorities, plans and resources and a renewed sense of purpose to act.

Oh, by the way…things I won’t do on this call – waste your time talking about my life, the traffic or the weather or give you anything less than my full attention. Neither of us have time for that dance, especially when it’s on your dime.

For one-on-one sessions you should already have an operating business or a strong idea about what you want to do before we get on the phone together. My job will be to help you massively-accelerate the move from where you are to where you know you can get. I like action. I like clarity. I like results. So should you.

People who get the most out of my sessions are

  • small businesses and restaurant owners
  • artists, musicians, film makers
  • online/affiliate and network marketers who want to go pro

Is one-on-one coaching right for everyone? Depends. My passion is working with entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs, especially hyper-creative entrepreneurs and professionals, looking to make an aggressive move forward in business and income. If you’re not at that place yet, that’s cool. But you’re probably a better candidate for my affiliate program (see below) where you can get a rolling start and a lot of the same mentorship, training and coaching as the one-on-one clients but for pennies on the dollars since i am able to coach dozens of people at the same time.

Can I send you anything to look at in advance? Yes. Once you book your session, I will email a set of Session Questions and a request for information and links that I will review before our time together. I’ll also ask you to define your dream outcome for the call, so I know where to focus in advance.

Do you have any specialties? – I’ve operated for more than eight years as an industry-leading internet marketing entrepreneur, publisher, author and trainer. My personal killer-app is helping people identify their strengths and play into them. I have unique ability to see untapped potential inside of people and help them unlock it and exploit it for their own benifit. I firmly believe that with the advent of the internet and social media, anyone with slightly above average IQ can become financially self-sufficient with the proper systems, training, tools, technology, and strategy.

Do you offer project-based, monthly consulting or entrepreneurship coaching? I have in the past, but right now my dance-card is pretty full. But – if you would really like to work on more of a project or monthly-retainer basis, feel free to ask about that when you complete the form below. There are ebbs and flows in my schedule that sometimes allow for that.

Can we meet in person? I work by phone or skype. Makes it easier for everyone and it lets me give you the take-aways you’ll see below. I do however host several live events, workshops, retreats and seminars around the world that you will get to know about if you are one of my affiliates. I love to hang out and socialize with my people at these events so who knows, maybe we will be over a cocktail sooner than you think.:)

What if I miss a session? That’s on you. If you simply don’t show up for the call or cancel within 24 hours of the call start time, there are no refunds. This is a professional obligation. Treat it like a pro and keep it.

Booking & Fee

The fee for a single business strategy sessions is $1500, paid in advance via Paypal. If, at the end of our time together, you genuinely believe you have at least 10 times the value of that fee, tell me then and there and I will refund your money. I do this for you benefit as much as mine. (It ensures that play full-out every time.)

Request an appointment by calling my office Monday through Friday (10am ET to 5pm) or emailing my assistant Alexis at

You can also submit payment first, below – to reseve a slot – and we will call you to schedule (usually same business day.)

C’mon, let’s do this together!

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