How I Made $750k with “Sales Requiting Ads” on Craigslist


These are the best practices I found to be most effective on Craigslist. The concept here is to post as sales job posting and then transition those people into your sales funnel.

The following is based on my personal experience — I made well over $500k (maybe closer to 750k+) between 2004 and 2007 and this was my secret sauce! However, I have no idea how well this will work at this point. I have never shown anyone this formula as laid out here below. Needless to say the cost per lead was minimal and I was spoiled. In fact the only reason I stopped promoting this way is because the people who enrolled with me turned around and also posted ads like they saw and eventually things got saturated.

10 Best Practices

1) Sales Job Postings Only! – This is the big one – small biz and opportunity ads never worked for me. Waste of time. The only success I ever had came with placing what appeared to be a high-end commission sales job targeting A-type, motivated, people that are looking for 6-figure sales jobs. I found these people very open to direct selling and the opportunity to make big money. Classify your post as tele-commute.

2) Must show compensation – “I used to put $50-$100k plus commissions” as comp. I am not sure if you have to disclose your company information to CL these days but if you do this will make it a little more complex. I noticed some ads today on NYC CL that were 100% commish (1099) so maybe they relaxed this somewhat.

3) Don’t link to your website – instead use a toll free number such as with a greeting similar to below.

4) Blend in – don’t be conspicuous – model other approved ads. You are going to have to do a little (just a little) bait and switch to get approved. At one point they were getting really strict about the types of jobs they would allow posted but if you google “craigslist sales jobs” right now you will get a sense of what they are allowing.

5) Only post in cities that use paid listings – I had by far the best results in these cities: NYC, LA, SD, Sacramento, and SF – each of them cost $25-$75 per post at the time. The volume of ads is lower and the quality is higher as well – translating into quality prospects

6) Post often – It was a pain in the ass but once I was up and running in each city, I would repost the ad every other day using slightly modified ads so that I would get fresh people who had maybe skimmed over my ad the previous week, to click.

7) Mix it up to avoid getting booted – form time to time people who flag my ads after calling in or getting my email and the next time they were out there on CL continuing their search, they would flag the ad and then CL would pull it down. Mixing up the headlines and not pissing people off my being annoying and overtly hyped helps. (Notice how lifealert above has two separate ads)

8)  Look at what other people are doing and find out what CL finds acceptable – but when you are paying the money, they are much less likely to pull your ad even if you do violate some rule.

9) Setup an gmail address for them to send their resume to. Then setup an auto-response or manually email people with a link to your landing page.

10) Put yourself in the mindset of a person looking for a sales job and respond to your own ad. Think customer forward. What kind of sales job would YOU respond to? Then think about how your ad reads, your message sounds etc. It has to believable and legit – no big flamboyant claims or promises. You will also have to use a little reverse psychology. See below

  • Job Posting

Something similar to this real-estate agent ad

I’m not sure if they are now allowing commission only sales jobs, but this is an example of an ad that would rock in my opinion and this one too!

  • Toll-free number with short recording, something like this

“Thank you for calling allstar marketing group, we are sorry to have missed your call. If you are calling about the commission sales position, please hang up and send an email with cover letter and resume to X.”

  • Setup a gmail account with vacation auto-response set on and a message like this

We are in receipt of your email and have received your resume. Unfortunately at this time, we are no longer filler that position. However, our sister company PRO U, an education platform for entrepreneurs is always looking for highly motivated sales professionals to represent their productline.

They pay out handsome commissions (up too 50%) and are great to work for. There is a presentation you can review here to learn more about this 1099 commission only opportunity.

  • Landing Page with messaging as palatable for a sales career seeker as possible

I mocked one up here

  • Call the leads personally and specifically recall them to the craigslist job post. You have to connect them back to the ad they responded to. I used a script kinda like this

Hey X, my name is J and I am a marketing mentor here with PRO U. You were referred to us by a company we are affiliated with as someone who would make a great contract sales person for PRO U. Please visit the link in your email or go online to www and register for one of our upcoming sales consultant presentations. Once you have watched the presentation you will have an opportunity to apply for sales and marketing mentorship by a marketing mentor such as myself. Be sure to also ask your mentor about the sales assist option where you can partner with a million dollar producer to close your deals.

  • At this point they should be in your autoresponder and you can drip on them there.

Needless to say you are not going to get rich on the first ad you place. I placed hundreds. There was a lot of trial and error… but these 10 best practices should eliminate the biggest of the learning curves. Hope this helps!


P.S. Check out this 5 min video I shot for you


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