Don’t Let a Crisis go to Waste: Part 2

Chances are you’re here because you attended my webinar last week…

As per your multiple requests, I will be doing Part 2 at 3:00pm EST this Friday!

Special Webinar: Don’t Let a Crisis go to Waste: Part 2
Date: Friday 27-March @ 3:00-5:00 pm EST
Intended Audience: SFM Apps, SFM Members, SFM Affiliates

IMPORTANT: If you are an affiliate, please do NOT invite your email list to the live webinar. We will provide you with a replay that has automatic affiliate tracking built in.

Follow the steps below for instructions on how to view the webinar.


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STEP 2/2 – Head to Jay Kubassek Facebook Page on Friday 27-March at 3pm EST to watch the webinar stream.