The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. It was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, passed by the House on January 31, 1865, and adopted on December 6, 1865.


Lets look at the tenants of slavery.


  • Little or no freedom, free time, or fulfillment (not much fun)
  • Perform unpleasant tasks for the master or be chastised
  • Compensation based on value to the master not determined BY the master
  • Minimal control over schedule or workload


Aside from the most glaring and obvious difference, CHOICE, there is really not a lot of difference between slavery and working a job. Both are equally unfulfilling (research shows up to 90% of corporate America comes home from their job feeling unfulfilled.)


So then, why do millions of people choose to stay stuck in an occupation that they don’t like? Why would someone in their right mind choose to subject themselves to turmoil and bull shit of answering to a master. We are not dogs! We are eagles that are designed by the Almighty to flourish and soar!


To me the only thing more pathetic than the millions of people who still actually do live in slavery in third world countries and such, with the foot of oppression on their necks and their faces in the mud, are the millions of people who live in freedom, yet choose to lie there with their faces in the mud regardless of the fact that there is no foot of oppression!


So, why do people choose to work for someone else?


Here are 10 reasons:


  1. They are ignorant to the fact that they already have 99% of what is required to become an entrepreneur. They think they need a lot of time, money, education, or other circumstances
  2. They grew up in a “normal” home where working for a master is considered “normal.”
  3. They don’t think that they are special or they don’t have anything unique to offer the world (this is obviously bull4. shit)
  4. They lack the circle of influence and thus lack motivation or inspiration (Maybe they stopped dreaming so long ago that they are now on auto pilot and don’t even realize that they live in a box)
  5. Their degree, which no doubt was awesome and expensive, is something they decided on as a teenager… or worse yet was decided by their parents and now they feel obligated to do something with it
  6. They are led to believe that their master cares about them (this is obviously BS as well. Your boss doesn’t give two farts about you and don’t think for a second your job wouldn’t be outsourced to India if it could be; you’re in denial
  7. They have bills to pay and a mortgage. (I say sell the house, simplify your life, downsize and stop trying to keep up with the Jones’. I just bought a house and it’s a pain in the neck and a huge hassle. Who needs that?
  8. They have to put their kids through college. My kids will never work for anyone else or I will die. That’s why I won’t be sending them to college–that way they will be forced to become an entrepreneur!
  9. They enjoy their job (entirely possible I suppose, but I highly doubt it)
  10. They don’t know their options! They have yet to learn about PRO!


In fact, this last point, is why I am sending you this email. My personal mission in life is to WAKE people UP to the choices that EVERY individual has so that they can live the life of their dreams. Now! In real-time. In THIS lifetime.


It’s time to quit your job and hire yourself folks. Not someday. Today.


Get baptized in the river of failure so you can blossom in entrepreneurial blessings. That’s what this is about… Don’t let fear keep you safe and in your comfort zone. have some faith in yourself and jump off the ledge. You will surprise yourself. I did.


How badly do you want it? Can you taste it? Can you feel it? Are you ready? It’s GO TIME! JUMP!


If you believe every individual has the choice to change their circumstances, share this article with your PRO leads and applicants!


Happy Cinco de Mayo,


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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Quit Your Job”

  1. Wow. There you are in my head again. I just rented a location for my business and will be leaving my job soon. I did this because I have this drive and I kept slamming on the brakes.No more brakes. lol

    Thanks for the reminder


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