Nothing makes me happier than getting emails like this. In fact this is WHY I do what I do. Waking people up to their inner entrepreneur.


The purpose of our new marketing system – PRO Elite – is to get the entire PRO community on board to elevate each others’ existence. The story I’m about to share will reveal the best way to get started: get out of your own way, stand on the shoulders of giants, and use the system the way it’s designed.


See how Greg is gearing up for a massively booming business…


Not sure about you, but this gave me goose bumps.


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From: Greg W.
Date: Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 11:57 PM
Subject: Fwd: [CarbonCopyPRO BlackBOX & New Member]

What’s up partners and all PRO community!

Just a testimonial for the new PRO system and specifically our marketing partner and friend Jordan.

(this is good timing as we gear up to the next Peak App test)

As my partners know I stubbornly worked through my list of Peak Apps #2 all by myself.

(15 years of top-level real estate prospecting/ sales and I thought I knew what I was doing!)

So, out of 15 apps I was able to contact 9 and had some great conversations. That said I was not able to close any of them.

I know my ego took a public kick in the ass.

(Dont worry boys-I have made it a personal goal to master that BlackBox call ASAP)

Anyway, I finally gave in to Jordan’s invitation and decided that on the last app of my group I would give in and try the new system.

I took my partner’s advice to set up Jordan as my marketing partner and just get out of my own way. So, I did just that. When my app picked up the phone I simply welcomed her into the community, encouraged her to look around the business overview page, write questions and get ready for a powerful business call from the #1 producer in the entire community of PRO 7-figure earner Jordan Crowder.

She said “okay, fine” and I scheduled the call with Judy for the next day.

To tell you the truth I completely expected her not to show up as my apps had done so many times with me.

Not the case.

Our app showed up on time and excited to speak to a millionaire! (Not me – Jordan)

Then I sat back and listened as Jordan went to work.

(Mind you this app was a bright but very young 22 yr old, unemployed and no business experience.)

To my amazement by the end of the call Jordan had the client excited, focused and planning her future as a successful Pro entrepreneur.

She just ordered her BIB straight away. Then one hour later she submitted her income worksheet assignment and scheduled for the next call with Jordan on Wed.

I am man enough to admit that as a new Pro member I could never had navigated this conversation with such ease and power.

I now realize that ultimately the client got what she needed, I got a new member and Jordan got to show why he is the top dog of Pro.

Bottom line: I believe this is an absolute “living snap shot” of what Pro is trying to do with their brave new company updates.

Pro secures and sells us the leads/apps, the marketing partners close them and we plug them into top notch training to grow their business to the next level.

In short we simply fund the proposals, learn, grow and start planning for our own careers as marketing partners some day.

Even I can do that!

It is the company helping the marketing partners help us committed newbies help fresh new clients so everyone moves on up the ladder.

Genius, effective, lucrative and completely client-focused.

Thank you Pro for the system. Thank you Loyal 9 for the leads/apps/training.

Thank you Jordan for the ‘training in the trenches” and thank you to my partners the Sons of Liberty and Ruben Ruiz for fighting along with me to freedom.

Lets line up the next row!


Thanks again,

Greg W.
Sons Of Liberty
Six Figure Pros
Carbon Copy Pros
Thankful dude.



Thank you for your energy, commitment, and humility, Greg!


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Jay Kubassek



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5 thoughts on “Another Entrepreneur “Wakes Up””

  1. Just off the top of my head, I am happy to read that this guy is having success following your system.
    I was “exposed” to your system at NE2 and applied for whatever affiliation I was offered as a participant at the conference as soon as I got back home to Houston, Tx..
    That said, I have no idea of the nuts and bolts of how I can go from NO useable contacts to growing a successful and profitable internet
    marketing business using the PRO system.
    I am still floundering around trying to gather a contact list and figure out how to contact them without getting spammed out of existence.
    As this will undoubtedly take some time, I am glad that I am only 66 years young.
    I appreciate you trying to help. I shall keep hitting buttons as long as they don’t cost anything.
    I am already way over committed in programs with a monthly payment and I currently have more videos downloaded to watch and absorb than I have time for.
    You still remain an inspiration and I’ll keep on keeping on until success gets tired of hiding- if only to justify your faith in me.

    Lew Hopson
    Houston, Tx

  2. I submitted my application (for 20$), took a one month free trial (50$ a month after the 30 day trial) with the Pro Student membership, and then found out that it would cost me 1795$ for a Silver membership. Not to say my journey with Pro was shortlived. Started today and is ending up pretty much today. My credit card limit doesn’t go as high as 1795$. It would take me a complete year to be able to afford it if I piled the money, and that wouldn’t pay the debts I already have to clear up. Was Pro for me? Well, I just don’t know. Some part of it appealed to me, it seemed different than most I had seen in many respects. I think what caught the most my attention was seeing how some of the people are doing the business. It’s very real. Even if I could afford, I just don’t know if I could do it. I don’t know if this is for me.

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