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As you can imagine when doing these events, I get a lot of messages and emails coming in from all over the place. I get posts on my FanPage, Tweets, and I get emails sent to any one of my email addresses and I want to let you all you know that they do not go unread! I try to respond personally to everyone, but know that I see you and I hear you!


That being said, I wanted to share with you an email that I got this morning when I got in.


Hi Jay,

Just wanted to say I truly enjoyed the MME7 even though I had to attend thru the live stream. Unfortunately, my father is ill with liver cancer and I am his caretaker which prevents me from traveling at this time, which is one of the main reasons that I am in the community which will allow me more time with him in additional will allow me to bring in help as I will be able to afford the help.

I did learn a great deal more about how to market the business. I truly enjoyed Sophia’s information which has pumped me up to get up and running at a much faster rate.

In addition, by attending the MME7 thru the live stream and being able to go back and view it once again I am able to take much more notes, which I enjoy having visuals to work with.

Looking forward to the day we can meet at the top.

Sincerely yours,


Now, it would have been really easy for Diana to use any number of excuses that we all use from time to time to skip out and not watch the live stream. And would you have blamed her? But she didn’t and she made the effort to watch the LIVE Streaming not once, but TWICE!


What about you? What is your story? Did you make to MME7? Did you watch the Live Streaming? I want YOUR stories so leave a comment below! Be heard!




Jay Kubassek



P.S. Check out this new video introducing PRO U’s first ever SUMMIT WEEK this Dec!


P.P.S. If you in Phoenix this weekend, please share your experience at MME7.co


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7 thoughts on “Got An MME Story? I Want It!”

  1. Jay,

    Just wanted to drop by and tell you that this was the most amazing LIVE event I have ever been to and it was my 4th with PRO and like my 15th over a lifetime.

    The Senergy in the room was incredible. I could feel the engagement level in the room.

    This event was special as it was the first event coming from a 10 for 10 and the connections I was able to make in NY made this event so much more special. The content was off the chart and the feeling of “I’m Home” was very eminent to me. It had all of the aura of a family reunion.

    Looking forward to the next slew of events coming up toward the end of the year and rising to new levels in between.

    Thank you Jay, you continue to inspire me to be a better me, work harder on me and to want to give more of me away to others and pass the torch. That’s really what it’s about!

    Peace Brother,

    Josh Boxer

  2. I too am a caregiver and farm girl. I only wish I had the 100 bucks to watch the live stream. Is there a way I can purchase a dvd on it? Because I wouldn’t want to watch it only once or twice but unlimited times because you always come out of it with something new. Thanks

  3. Here is my story about the MME7.

    I was so blown away to meet people that FINALLY think like me that I cancel my flight 2 hours before leaving Phoenix!

     I stayed in the Grand Arizona Resort until yesterday hanging out with my new friends Greg De Tisi (ENGLAND), Lisa (ENGLAND), Anne (ESTONIA), Rob (ECUADOR), Stuart (SWEDEN)  and many others.

    AWESOME incredible new friends – Before the event I felt that was alone in this journey.


    I love to hang out with rich people!


  4. Hilary Poeton

    Jay, I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to you and all the Marketing Partners for the amazing MME over the weekend. It was my first event so I have nothing to compare it to, but if Josh Boxer says it was the best ever, then I feel very lucky to have been part of it! As he says the synergy in the room was incredible, and the excitement in advance of the launch of Pro Elite was palpable.

    The info provided by the Marketing Partners was spot-on, …strategies that we can implement immediately and which are worth their weight in gold.

    Also I met so many fantastic people from all over the world – not only Americans from every State, but also fellow Australians, Germans, Canadians, South Africans, Swedish, English and (although it is a real cliche) we all agreed we felt like we were one big family.

    You have created something really special here. (But you knew that already!)

    Thank you Jay, for your unwavering commitment to us all and for providing us with the opportunity to live exceptional lives.

  5. Hilary Poeton

    PS. It’s funny…that empty chair in the picture is mine (my black and white jacket on the back….I went to get some water just before the start..Doh!

  6. Hi Jay,Awescome Master Marketing in Arizona.

    Thank you Jay.You gave me tool,Knowledge, person like I am low clase,but I thanks God that He give me opportunity to get to know you.I know you,you on a mission to change people life. You know my story, I was framer and don’t have education working $10.oo per hours.I am scik and tire every day cleaning,I waiting every day from you,to qucik my job.

    I would like express my deep grattitued you and your team for every things you are perpare for the carbonCOPYPRO members.

    Thank you.

    Kong Sourivong

  7. Hi Jay,
    Sorry to use this forum however I do not have your contact information or e-mail address. My name is Kevin Murphy. My company is Complete Capital Services and I am interested in hiring you as a consultant. Please contact me at 720-400-1284 or e-mail me at kevin.murphy@getcompleteccs.com Thank you!

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