You are the underdog. Statistically you DON’T have a chance of success. Most people don’t… However, if you have belief above the average, the statistics don’t apply to you. Averages and statistics are for average people. Not relentless entrepreneurs.


Like Dr Marshall Goldsmith says… Whatever got you HERE, WILL NOT GET YOU THERE.


You will not become a self made millionaire using the same logic and making the same types of decisions that got you to the point where you now are in life.


So, what is the big secret to success?


The secret is what I call the “99% methodology,” which is based off a very famous quote by one of the most important inventors in history, Thomas Edison.


He said, “success is 99% perspiration, and 1% inspiration…” wow… 99% perspiration, and 1% inspiration… and this is where it all started with me.


What if I don’t need that MBA that I thought I needed.


Maybe I don’t need any special skills, education, or opportunity.


Maybe I have it all wrong… maybe there is nothing wrong with me and maybe it’s just that there are a lot of sheisters out there and like an idiot, I am buying all of their junk.


Common sense told me it wasn’t plausible to expect money to come pouring through the computer screen the moment I started clicking…


So I started doing some research.


First, I found that there are thousands of successful entrepreneurs and business owners just like me who were drop outs.


I found that most millionaires do not have MBA’s… in fact a lot of them are elementary or high school drops outs just like me!


Here are a few…


Albert Einstein

Henry Ford

Dave Thomas

Thomas Edison

Michael J Fox

Evil Knievel

George Harrison

The Wright Brothers

and Quinton Tarantino to name a few


A LOT more here:


So, I scratched “no eduction” off my list of excuses…


But, the next day I realized that in order to start a business, you have to have capital… lots of it. Crap.


So, I used the excuse that I am broke, maxxed out on credit cards, and without funding…. hmmm now what was I going to do.


So, I turned to google and started doing some research on the topic. Not surprisingly, yet again, I realized that what I THOUGHT was an obstacle was really not an obstacle at all.


In fact I found that virtually all of the entrepreneurs that have gone on to become incredibly successful and build huge brands, were not only drop outs, but self funded do-it-yourselfers just like me!


Bill Gates – Microsoft

Steve Jobs – Apple

Gary Gilbert – The Midas franchisee where I was selling mufflers

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook

and of course, my idol Richard Branson.


At this point, I was out of excuses.


Not having the education…. strike that off the list…. no money–not an excuse, no time–not an excuse, no experience–not an excuse.


In fact the harder I looked the more I realized that virtually all of the most successful companies I researched were started by entrepreneurs with no better circumstances than I had… a lot of them worse!


There was nothing left to do but make up for lost time and get to work!


It was time to get to work and start building something of value. Start serving others and EARN my way… Seven years later I have not taken the foot off of the gas pedal. Nor will I ever.


What is the obstacle that you think is holding you back? What is in your way?


Go ahead and forward this message to your PRO leads and applicants in case they need to rethink their obstacles too.




P.S. Without “vision” all you will see are the obstacles. So let me ask you this… what is your VISION and what are you willing to do to fulfill it?


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