To Jay Kubassek, Scam Isn’t Part of His Vocabulary

Carbon Copy Pro was created by me, Jay Kubassek; scam products however have been created in order to appear as high quality as CCPro.  My proven system is unlike any other product though because it creates an environment for entrepreneurs to cultivate opportunities for financial success through education and hard work.

We show the average person how to achieve above average results using simple tools like the Internet, their telephone, and a pad of paper. These tools are available to almost anyone and can be lethal if combined with vision, passion, and focus.  CCPro is not a watered down system created so that just a few members obtain goals of wealth, but it is a marketing system composed of high quality products which teaches members how to implement successful strategies for themselves

If you decide to become a member of CarbonCopyPRO(and before you do, check out this Jay Kubassek review article) you will experience a better quality of life within a couple months and will be living an entirely different, more effective, and better lifestyle than before.  Carbon Copy Pro provides a sound, marketing education to anyone with the capacity to turn desire into action.  We empower our members to build successful Internet-based businesses. What we teach is not taught in traditional classrooms, anywhere. It is the collective knowledge of dozens of experienced, self-taught entrepreneurs who have all attained a certain degree of success, and compiled their experiences into a virtual university for the benefit of all of our members. Our members are among the few in this world who are willing to turn around and help those on the ladder below them.

So in order to become successful and to change your lifestyle you must put in hard work and follow the steps that we have provided for you.  As earlier mentined Carbon Copy Pro was created by me, Jay Kubassek; similar products have been created in order to duplicate my own successful marketing strategies, but none are the same.  No other system is comparable nor will you find members who are as dedicated to sharing knowledge as CCPro members. Just as your needs and goals are unique to you, so is Carbon Copy Pro and the powerful tools and information it has to offer.

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  • Sancho Warking 8 years ago

    There is no real concrete product here, just literature and ideas/techniques (which some may consider a ‘product’ but I don’t).

    CCP is basically a marketing ploy that gets people to pay a small fee up front to become privy to more ‘inside’ information. This information will then enable them to move further up the ladder and get more ‘training/support’ etc. earn more etc.

    Jay Kubassek has surely made a lot of money using CCP. But I believe he has sacrificed something of his soul in the process. Someday he may discover that the acquisition of money, land, houses and fame do not fully satisfy. There are some things that money simply cannot buy, namely a clean conscience, health, love, and integrity. The more successful Jay becomes, the harder it will be for him to humble himself to this reality.

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