Why Carbon Copy PRO was Started

A few years ago I heard a story of a man who died at the age of fifty-three and at his funeral there were over 300 people that gathered in memorial.  This man had been a quadriplegic in a wheelchair with only one arm and no hands after being in a car accident at the age of twenty.  After the car accident this man decided that wealth to him meant friendships.  He did everything in his power to have and to keep as many good friends as possible.  He spent day in and day out learning the likes and dislikes of his friends and did anything to keep his friendships striving.

This man would definitely be considered a wealthy man.  His wealth and happiness were not accidental nor lucky but instead he had to work for it.  After hearing this story I decided I too had to learn what wealth was to me and how to work towards my goal.  And I found my answers at Wealth Masters International.  And since I am Jay Kubassek scams are NOT an option (duh!) so I sought to find the best product and do the best I can.

WMI is an organization that teaches about wealth in ways that many do not think about.  They teach that wealth is not only about the sum of our assets minus our debt and liabilities, but that it also involves the choices we make in order to gain capital and how we use it when we get it.  The Wealth Masters taught me fundamental principles of debt elimination, tax reduction, cash flow multiplication, asset protection, investment management and how to live on less than I made.  It also taught me that after I earned money by following their steps I should give back to help the world.  With the help of Wealth Masters, scams no longer phase me – I learn to spot them (and avoid them) miles away.

These are the main reasons that I, Jay Kubassek, started Carbon Copy Pro (which some like to call “Jay Kubassek Marketing“).  It is not only a way for me to make money but a way for others to as well, and to learn from our communities’ strengths and weaknesses in order to benefit ourselves and the world.

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