lead cooperative

[Available to JK enrolled members ONLY at this time, sorry.]

How this works and what to expect…

  • Each unit is going to be approximately 200 leads. (150 to 300 is likely the range)
  • I currently have banners, magazines, and other internet traffic all mixed into this coop. I will be adding all kinds of really cool top secrect traffic sources that I have been working on for some time.
  • Please do not buy into this coop if you are going to be emailing me and complaining about lead quality or conversions. (I ask that you trust me to generate a leads that will monetize if you are positioned at m1/m2.)
  • You should also only buy leads if you plan to do this consistently as this is the only way to get a proper sample size and get real results.
  • There are no guarantees or refunds. You understand that you are trusting me to go out and spend this money as I see best.

    My last $10,000 test yielded:

    • 122 Apps
    • 19 BiBs
    • 5 m1
    • 1 m2
    • 1 m3

    Total $19,000 in commissions ($9000 net profit)

    NOTE: Please do not buy more than $3000 per month until things ramp up. This will allow more people to participate. Thanks for understanding:)


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