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5 Great (FREE) Competitive Analysis Tools

1.– This tool will kick out the top competitors winning on this keyword. This will often be decidedly different from SpyFu. Great analytics (budget, clicks etc.) Pay special attention to the ROI index 1-100 (70+ is acceptable). Also take note of the comparative information for PPC competitors vs. Organic competitors and overlapping keywords for your target demographic.

2.– This tool will list the top 20 advertisers for any specific keyword. Both Paid and Organic. It will also kick out great data on the daily budgets of these advertisers, the amount of Clicks they receive as well specific people’s NAMES that are being used as a keyword.

3.– Good ole’ Google. Up to the minute information based on actual Google search queries. Doesn’t get much better than this if you know what to look for. The new left-bar tabs allow you specify the time frame of your search query, which can be very helpful to evaluate certain spikes in keyword interest, results etc.

4. Alexa– This a great ranking system that ranks every single URL in the entire world (Google being #1 of course). All based upon traffic only. Visitors per month, location, demographics, time on page, bounce rate etc. This is very helpful for SEO and Organic marketing strategies.

5.  Keyword Tool External (Google)- This information is based directly on actual Google Search Queries. Good stuff.

Hope this is helpful. If there is something you would like to hear a helpful tip or two about on my page Please feel free to Leave a Comment. I encourage it. I do my best to read them all, and do appreciate your feedback.

Also if you feel the information may be helpful to someone you know, please send it along.

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