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5 Steps to Better Conversation

We’ve all come across individuals in our life who just seem to be great conversationalists. They seem to just have a “natural knack” to truly “engage” and “connect” with other people, almost immediately.

I think it goes without saying that successful people, by default, are good communicators, right? The ability to articulate your passions, interests and ideas is of primary importance to any entrepreneur. Nothing conveys the spirit of self-confidence and intelligence better than a affirmative and captivating conversation.

Like all skills, becoming a good conversationalist, and communicator for that matter, is a skill that can be cultivated, improved, sharpened. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that have helped me become a better communicator:

  1. Say what you think, not what others want you to say, or what you think they want you to say. There’s never a substitute for authenticity.
  2. Listen. Listen. Listen. As our mothers always said: “you’re not learning anything when your mouth is open.” Remember, a monologue is not a conversation.
  3. Only give advice when requested. The fastest way to bring the flow of conversation to a screeching halt is to impose a suggestion on someone, who hasn’t asked for it.
  4. When your interest lies in the PERSON, and the not the SUBJECT of the conversation, you’re sure to have a much more mutually enriching experience.
  5. “Silence plays an important part in effective conversation just as it does in music.” Milton Wright (1936)

All my best,


Jay Kubassek



  • Dr Charlie Smithdeal 9 years ago

    Excellent observations and suggestions, Jay. have you practiced to develop your skill, or was it natural?

  • kong sourivong 9 years ago

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    Kong Sourivong

  • kong sourivong 8 years ago

    Hi Jay the new blog is wonderful, I love it. I looking foreward to see you and your team in Arizona .

    I would like to let you know. I want to thank you, Steve very very much the website he gave to me.

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    Kong Sourivong

  • Jay 8 years ago

    Hello Kong!

    Please visit and enter your email address to access all of this information. You can contact one of our friendly business coaches from there. Thanks and I look forward to your success!

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