Internet security is currently as hot, if not THE hottest topic in technology today. Between the Wikileaks fiasco, congressional hearings with Facebook, and everything in between, web security is tip of the tongue in the tech community (and poised to emerge as the next big thing in service-oriented web commerce in my opinion, just watch.)

Cyber-crime is something that ignores age, gender, geography and any other distinguishing factor of the web user. Security situations like: identity theft, email hacking and the like, usually occur as a result of the individual’s habits, and an unawareness of risk.

As entrepreneurs, we are lucky enough to be free from the feudal-like “ball and chain” of cubicles and office hours. We’re free to work wherever we like, whenever we like.  And now, with the increased availability of high speed Wi-fi everywhere (kudos to you Starbucks) it’s now easier than ever to set up shop for the day just about anywhere.

AVG, who provides free Anti-virus software (similar to Norton), has an incredible research team that looks into fascinating geographic patterns of cyber-crime, as well as providing tips and tools to help keep your personal web security ahead of the curve…Or at least in step with it!

Here’s a couple of quick tips to keep yourself protected:

1. Remove sensitive data if possible and back it up before you leave for travel.
2. When using another computer make sure you disengage the option to “remember your passwords” or to “keep me logged in”
3. Be sure to NEVER store any passwords or login details when using public machines. Never.
4. Clear the cookies after being connected to a public network. And a general rule, once a week.
5. If you’re not using a Mac (which you should 🙂 be sure to keep your anti-virus (Norton, AVG et. al) software up to date. Also PC check the Windows Update site for critical updates. (IMPORTANT)
6. If you are using a DSL or cable internet connection, be sure and install a firewall. ZoneAlarm is good – and free!

All the best,


Jay Kubassek


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1 thought on “Security 101”

  1. Hi Jay!

    Indeed, Internet/Information Security, is very critical aspect that needs to be on high priority. A lot of threats like virus creates hassles.

    As an IT Specialist, I would also recommend to try AVAST or AVIRA, it’s also FREE!

    Thanks for sharing this!


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