As you know, I’m Canadian. The grand land of Gretzky and Bullwinkle. Molson Ice and Keanu. Well, maybe we could do without Keanu. We’re a country of rather warm and engaging people. Travel anywhere in the world —  if you see a few people having a good time, and they invite you to join in, chances are they’re Canadian!

True to the spirit of the good humored Canadian disposition — comes what may be the coolest entrepreneurial idea ever — FLATTER ME CALLS. Flatter Me (, started by two guys in Montreal, is a service that lets you sign up for a friend or colleague to receive a phone call with these guys complimenting them!

Three amazing things here:
1. No idea is too outrageous to become a business if your intentions are rooted in the right place. These guys wanted to prove to themselves, and the world, that you could make money doing something to make other people feel good about themselves.
2. It’s only 5 bucks
3. Canadians rock.

Here’s a few things this great service could be used for:

1) Employee Motivation Phone Calls. Did someone do something great at work? This is new way to encourage a job well done.
2) Cheer Me Up Phone Calls. Know someone that is having a bad day? Feeling helpless? We can help.
3) Happy Birthday Phone Calls. Happy Valentine’s Day. Happy Anniversary. Happy Father’s Day. We do it all!
4) Appreciation Phone Calls. Mom’s overworked? Wanna make someone feel appreciated. We won’t let them forget how valuable they are!
5) You Can Do It Phone Calls. Know someone that has a goal? Training for a marathon?

I think the service is great, and the idea is even better. “Pay it Forward.”

Have a great weekend everyone.

All the best,


Jay Kubassek


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