That means anything and everything that you do is associated with “brand you”—from how you respond to an email to how you treat your server at a restaurant. It all impacts your reputation and, in turn, your brand.


Everything you choose to do, or choose NOT to do, will impact your brand.


Make sure you stay true to your personal brand by making decisions and taking actions based on who you want to be, not on the amount of financial gain or power you believe will make you happy in the future.


Once you’ve created your brand, and you’ve created your “brand you” personal brand statement, and you’ve started working on your reputation….now it’s time to raise your brand awareness. It’s time to get people to know you and want to work with you.


Here are the everyday actions you can take to market and grow your brand and to become noticed and known:


First, everything online lives for ever…


Be conscious of your posts and comments on Facebook. Do the images you upload reflect your brand properly? Would your newest client be impressed with what you posted?


Proofread your emails


Research shows that over 50% of all emails and text messages are misunderstood in their intent. Don’t just focus on grammar and spelling but also on tone and intention. Could others misinterpret something you wrote? It sounds simple, but your emails are an extension of your brand.


Give Something of Value


Sharing your stories, successes, and tips in your emails, during your sales calls, and when you leave messages makes you valuable.


If you give value, then customers will more likely take and return your calls or emails.


Be on time


Showing up on time and being prepared for meetings shows that you are not only responsible, but it also says that you care for others and their time. Are you on time?


Do you value other people’s time? If you are consistently late to meetings, what does that say about you? What do you think about others when they are late?


Don’t flaunt success; reflect on it


Think about what past successes and failures led you to this win.


Go back and think about what was done right and what could have made it better. Think about the people who helped you along the way and recognize them. Show them gratitude for their help.


The last piece of the puzzle—the element that holds all the pieces together—is the integrity of your brand.


It’s what sees you through both the good times and the bad. It’s what makes your brand real… legitimate and authentic. It’s what keeps people loyal to you.


Integrity is like having absolute clarity on your direction in life. When you are whole and undivided, you become unstoppable.


Maintain your integrity and all the other pieces will stick. Your brand will solidify, and “brand you” will rise to the top.


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1 thought on “You Are Always “BRAND YOU””

  1. Dear Jay Kubassek.!!
    I would like to say thank you, every things you done and you going to help people chang their life and my life. I am so exciding coming live event 21st in may to see you and every body in our famlies.I am looking forword to start Marketing.Again thank you for prodct that you provided for me.


    Kong Sourivong

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