The One Year Plan

How Long Does CarbonCopyPRO Take Before I see Results?

In order to first get started with Carbon Copy Pro and start making money with your computer you must find someone who is an existing member and get a personal referral from them.  After the referral you must contact that person and order an application kit.  Once you go through the application process and you are approved, you are able to enroll and become a member.  Once you are a member, you are able to order a BiB which is, in other words, your Internet-based business in a box and then apply our One Year Plan.

With the One Year Plan and the BiB, which contains everything needed in order to set up and run your own successful online marketing business along with the training available in the CCPro backoffice, you’ll make money fast and easy like you’ve always dreamed of.  It is filled with salient promotional material and our top CarbonCopyPRO marketing manuals.  Once you receive your BiB there is also a one year plan which is suggested you follow.

You can’t just sit around and let things happen during that year though.  You must have a vision, passion and must be focused on the goals that you set.  You will have to work hard and follow the plan that I give you but after the year you should be a lot better off than you are now and will not have to work for anyone ever again but instead, if your marketing strategy works well enough, you could hire people to work for you.

After you are a member, if you ever need any help or guidance you can always visit OneYearPlan.Net in order to talk to others in your community and to figure out what steps to take next.

You ask, “How long does it take before I see results?”  If you follow my one year plan and work hard, you should see improvements within a few months, and after a year you will be on your own, making more money and using more skills and knowledge about the Internet and marketing than you would have ever imagined.  But remember, ultimately, success will depend on you and no one else.  The one year plan is designed to support you in your quest for financial freedom.

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