One Year Plan – Guide to Success with CCPro

By: Jay Kubassek

Carbon Copy Pro is an Internet marketing education and resource company that has quickly spread into 100 countries.  It’s showing people world wide how to make money with their computers.  It is a single, home based operation which started because of my desire for a larger income and financial freedom.  After a while I realized how powerful this company can become and how it can help so many people who are seeking the same type of financial freedom I am able to achieve.  So I went to work into making this system to help people convert their dreams into reality – and that’s when I came up with the ” one year plan”.  The one year plan is a list of steps that customers of CCPro receive and are suggested to follow after becoming members of Carbon Copy Pro.

If customers follow the one year plan I have given them, they should see their life improving after a few months and should see amazing results after a year.  Many say that after the first year they were making more than they ever thought possible, while putting in less time than they ever would have imagined.

Jeff L, a member of CarbonCopy Pro who lives in Texas explains that, “At 29 years old I was an ex-piano player with a failed business and $253,000 in debt. At 30, I am a successful internet entrepreneur averaging over $10,000 a week. The turnaround happened in less than 6 months.”  He is not the only one however who has completely turned their life around because of Carbon Copy Pro.  Jim M from Connecticut said, “When I started I knew nothing about marketing: online or offline.  But the training is so strong that 6 months later I was awarded the Master Marketer award.  I have to give the credit right back to the system…. Now it’s time to prosper”

Those were only a couple out of the 100s of positive statements made about Carbon Copy Pro.  If you sign up for Carbon Copy Pro you will also see the same results.  As long as your work hard, have a goal, and follow the one year plan, your life could change forever

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