Carbon Copy Pro is the one of the world’s fastest growing Internet marketing education and resource company.  It started out as a single home based operation and has now spread into 100 countries and counting.  Before you are able to start with Carbon Copy Pro, you must however fill out an application and be accepted.  In order to get the application you must find someone who is a current member and ask them to give a personal referral for you.  After you are referred you may start the application process and once finished and accepted you may begin.  In order to get the best out of Carbon Copy Pro you will want to visit and order a BiB, which is your very own Internet based business in a box.

With the One Year Plan, you’ll be on your way to make money fast and easy in no time!

It contains everything you need to set up and run your own successful online marketing business. It will be your starter kit; filled with some top notch marketing advice from some of the top experts in our industry, exceptional promotional material you can use right away, and our  exclusive CCPRO marketing manuals.  Once you get your BiB there is a one year plan which is given to you and suggested that you follow.

The one year plan is a list of steps that is recommended you follow in order for you to see the best results possible.  The idea is that after a few months, assuming you put forth the effort, you will start seeing some encouraging results and after a year you will be realizing your goal.

Included in a membership with Carbon CopyPro, you will also receive access to a professional call center to assist with closing sales, unlimited email, toll-free, and live chat support, and access to our member’s only forum.  You also have access to members’ only pages on which will help you with your marketing strategies and will help you achieve the goals you set before using Carbon Copy Pro.

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