“If you do the little jobs well, the big ones will tend to take care of themselves.”

– Dale Carnegie

It’s all in the little things. That’s where we can ultimately produce everything we want to achieve in this lifetime.

However, these little things, otherwise known as “the details”, must come from discipline, hard work, repetition, consistency and creating the right environment for yourself.

In essence, these little things are what create your “flow”.

Flow (flō/) – verb – proceed or be produced smoothly, continuously, and effortlessly; continuous movement in a steady and forward manner.

But what do you do if you’re not in flow? Has this happened to you or is happening to you?

Have you ever just found yourself out of flow? That is, things just seem a bit off and dragging on for days, weeks, months or even years?

That’s rough! It really is, and I know how that feels!

There were moments in my life when I went a few years of not necessarily being in my best flow. Productive? Yes. In flow? Not the way I would have liked.

The fact is, you always need to be operating from a place of flow because it allows you to build, create, grow, learn and flourish.

So, the real question is, how can you produce more “flow” in your life? Well, here are 4 things you can do immediately, and I strongly urge you to.

#1: Do the little things immediately

The hardcore truth is, you need to be doing all the little things. I referenced Dale Carnegie at the beginning of this post because he was right. If you do all the little things very well, they will accumulate over time.

Concurrently, they will also build up your consistency levels and your output, which will all become part of your routines.

It’s important to stop pushing aside all the little things that you can take care of now; the ones that you can do today. Far too often, people wait till they’re earning their ideal income to start living their ideal day. Your ideal income has nothing to do with the little things you can do right now.

So get invested in your work, health, and personal habits. Get invested in the little things you can do today.

Can’t afford a personal trainer? Pick up a DVD with all the exercises you can do from home. Can’t get all your work done within a certain amount of hours per day? Get up a little earlier in the morning. Can’t pay a programmer to make your next billion dollar idea of a website? Learn to use WordPress and start yourself.

These are also examples of little things that cause big impact later on. The little things allow you to grow into the big things.

#2: Declutter

This is probably one of the most important things you can and should do immediately.



Go through your closets, drawers, storage, garage, rooms, everywhere, and find things to get rid of immediately.

Get rid of old papers, bills, notes, or books that no longer have value to you. Get rid of furniture that is either too old or you don’t use anymore.

Get rid of boxes of useless crap. Get rid of old clothes you no longer wear. Get rid of junk that’s been sitting in your kitchen pantry and so forth and so on.

See, what people don’t understand is that clutter can keep new things from entering your life. In other words, it can cause a delay in what’s meant for you. Why? Because it has no place to be stored.

Clutter can also keep you from reaching your full creative potential.

In an article by Kathryn Weber on Clutter & Feng Shui, she noted that “everything you are surrounded by exerts an influence on your life. If you’re surrounded by clutter and disorganization, it’s a serious energetic drain on your mind, your emotions, and your physical body.”

Can you imagine if your life depended on you being creative each and every single day? I’m a digital guy, and my life depends on my creative flow. The moment I started to declutter my personal space, is the moment I started to feel more flow.

#3: Invest In Your Creative Space

Now that you’re dealing with decluttering, the next viable step is to invest in this new found space. I’ve done this countless times and throughout various parts of my house.

One of the best things I heard years ago, which has served me well, is that the best investment you can make is having a house that’s clean and tidy. When I come home each day, or from a long trip, coming home to a fresh, clean house and knowing my dogs are taken care brings me complete peace of mind.

This one little thing, for someone like me, is priceless. It is not a logical correlation to most, but it brings me more productivity, which means I experience more flow.

I even invested in a systematic, self-sustaining Koi pond in my backyard that was also over budget. I mentioned in a previous article that I had an accountant tell me that I wouldn’t make that money back when I sell the house.

He didn’t understand that I was investing in my personal space because it allows my mind to be in a better place, which is also the reason I can afford the house in the first place.

A creative mind = a profitable company.

Investing in the best possible environment for yourself is truly priceless because it will allow you to create 10 times faster and in less time just from having the right amount of flow. Do yourself a favor and make the investment.

#4: Daily Gratitude

Be grateful. It’s that easy. You will see me repeat this time and again in countless posts, but it’s no secret that gratitude will bring you more abundance. Believe it.

See, the problem is, most people operate from a mindset that starts out something like this,

When I . . . (Fill in the Blank), then I will be grateful.

  • When I get the promotion, then I will be grateful and have more money.
  • When I get the new relationship, then I will be grateful and happy.
  • When I get the money, then I will be grateful and build space for me to create.
  • When I have more time, then I will be grateful and can workout more.

Do you see the problem here?

This friends, is a trap; an endless mind game that you do not want to allow yourself to become a victim too.

The good news? This can be fixed. You can fix your mindset, your current situation, and even your entire life’s outcome based on getting into “flow”.

And how do you do this? The key is to work from a place of what you can do right now! That is your only “good” option.

Change your gratitude frequency. Here are examples to match the bullet points above:

  • Thank you for having the exact right amount of compensation for my needs. I’m truly grateful for this abundance.
  • Thank you for my life and all that I have to offer someone. I’m so happy and grateful to be alive.
  • Thank you for the awesome, amazing space I’ve created and continue to expand upon which allows me to build on my dreams.
  • Thank you for the time that I have so I can spend a few extra minutes in the day working out.

They seem like no big deal, right? So why do these statements have so much impact? Why does gratitude pay such big dividends?

It’s because you are changing your thoughts, which means you are changing your words, which means you are changing your actions. That, my friends, has enormous impact and with little to no effort other than consistency.

Some Parting Thoughts:

What if as human beings, we are able to intentionally create environments that support us, whereby you don’t have to fight certain battles that you would normally have to fight every single day; you wouldn’t have to battle certain stressors?

What if all of the little things in life could be streamlined and brought into alignment with your bigger purpose?

What if there were variables you can control? What if we intentionally took every area of life and made decisions and choices we have to make to support creating an ideal ecosystem so that you are operating at your best as a baseline?

Well, you can, and it starts by doing all the little things . . . now!

All my best,


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7 thoughts on “Do These 4 Little Things Right Now”

  1. Hey Jay, whether is coincidence or not. I’m really glad you brought up flow, it’s such an interesting topic =P

  2. Hey Jay, nice read. What do you do if your family at home don’t follow the notion of decluttering? My wife is definitely one for this?

    1. hey Ed, I know your question was directed to Jay, and you probably no nothing about about me( to be honest there isn’t a lot to know) I’m just sharing some advice i received from a mentor a long time ago… you can’t change other people ( especially if they aren’t open to it) , you can only change yourself. Once you do change yourself you become much more effective at changing other people in all the subtle ways you respond to any actions they perform.

    2. Great chat going on here between the two of you! While everyone is different, and I do agree with Mario that it’s hard to change other people, my notion has always been to be the change. Lead by doing the actions yourself and with a great attitude. Always be grateful, even if the other person is not necessarily keen to why you’re doing what you’re doing, and over time you begin to influence others by your actions and good attitude.

  3. Hi Jay it was such a pleasure to meet you in Bali. I know we met in Sydney in 2014 but we didn’t talk properly. We sure made up for that in Bali. I love the topic of flow as it is an area that I can most certainly make better. I read number – Declutter out loud to my friend as it resonated with me so much. After the move from Brisbane to Sydney I am surrounded by clutter, it is killing me, well us. All of us that live in the tiny house.
    Bali was a great experience.

  4. This is good stuff that we all know but don’t do it. I am grateful that these teachings are here to change us

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