the_thinker_rodin2en·tre·pre·neur / ˌäntrəprəˈnoŏr; -ˈnər/ • n. a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. ∎  a promoter in the entertainment industry. DERIVATIVES: en·tre·pre·neur·i·al adj. en·tre·pre·neur·i·al·ism n.

I was at a dinner party with some in-laws the other night (for the record, a pleasant experience!)  and I was asked by a family friend in course of our conversation how I would define an “Entrepreneur.”

It’s been a while since I answered that question. Without a doubt, I consider myself to be one. But the definition? Could a term under such continual evolution have a definition?

I now pose the question to you, THE ENTREPRENEURS, what exactly makes one an Entrepreneur?

All the best,


Jay Kubassek


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3 thoughts on “Defining the Entrepreneur”

  1. This is a tough question Jay :o)

    Entrepreneurs are action orientated, self starters,persistent, creative, determined, dynamic and passionate.
    An entrepreneur above all has the burning desire to continually create their own path.

  2. An entrepreneur in the modern context would be a maverick, someone who thinks up or latches on to new ideas, processes, ways of doing things and actually doggedly goes about implementing it or sponsoring its execution. His gain from this enterprise might be financial but may also be social, psychological or even spiritual. Unfortunately, categorization of people as such are mostly done on hindsight and based on their level of success. If they succeed they may be lauded as entrepreneurs; if they fail they are would be derisively referred to as dreamers :).

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