Do What You Love

It’s a beautiful day to be alive!  I’m hoping that you feel the same no matter where you are today in the world.  It’s springtime here in New York and seeing the little green buds poking out their heads as everything is beginning to bud and bloom is truly an incredible feeling!

Imagine doing the things you are genuinely passionate about, the things you love to do, today.

Being able to make a living while doing what you love is the ultimate dream, the ultimate win-win scenario.

Some people have hobbies they love; some are fortunate enough to find a way to sustain their hobbies- actually earning a living with them.  Quite simply, that process is entrepreneurship; that’s it.  Amazing isn’t it?  Especially when you’re getting paid to do what you love!  As a human I think that is the ultimate dream!  The ultimate win-win scenario.

So what does it take to figure out your passion, and ultimately make it your profession or vocation?  “Is this even possible for me?”, you might ask.   Absolutely!!

Give yourself permission to think about what it is that you really love, what it is that makes you happy.

It could be something completely different from what you think you should do.

For this very reason, I’ve come up with the concept of the X, Y and Z factors.  It’s a method you can use to discover and unlock your talents and passions, those things that make you special and unique, the things you love and in which you find fulfillment.

Once you tap into these aspects of yourself, you can begin to create a life by design.

Do a little bit of something that you love every day, just a little bit… and watch what happens.  Notice how you feel.

Personally, I find I am at my best when I’m doing what I love.  When I’m doing something that I love, I feel immensely grateful.  Being in a place of gratitude gives me a greater capacity for creativity and inspiration.

Make life a balancing act.

All the things we really want in life like time, money, passion, fulfillment and happiness, are in fact by-products of living a balanced life.  They are not a means to an end but rather a product thereof.

If you are constantly obsessed about the end result of what you want in life, (true, you want to know the outcome), if it consumes you to a point where your life is not in balance, what good will the outcome be to you?

Begin by doing what you love.  Just because… because it makes you feel good, it makes you feel inspired, and grateful because you’re getting to do what you enjoy.  Chances are you’re going to excel at whatever it is you love to do, and don’t ever let anyone tell you what that should look like for you.

Do the things you love!  Go for it!  Do lots of it and you will be great at it! Who knows where that path will take you.

All my best,


Jay Kubassek

P.S. This article is based on the April 9, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: Do What You Love

Read podcast transcript here.

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