This is one of those things that is really fun to use when you want to impress you wife/husband (or “the ladies,” etc) with your clairvoyant powers.

Think of a number between 1 and 10, multiply by 9 and if you get a 2 digit number ad the 2 digits together.  If a one digit number leave it alone.  Subtract 5.  Take the new number and assigning a letter of the alphabet to the numbers a is 1 b is 2 etc go to the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the number you just had.  Think of a State whose name begins with that letter.  Go to the 2nd letter in the State’s name.  Now think of the largest animal you can think of whose name starts with that letter and just for fun lets make it an African animal (the second letter of the state’s name).  Think of the color of that animal.

Write down your answer for the State, animal and color.  Now concentrate and try to send your thoughts to me and I will try to read your mind.  How many of you got a gray elephant from Delaware?

You can change the language anyway you want to make it more fun.  Some wise guy always comes up with an elk or emu but most will give you the elephant.

Use in good health 🙂

(Thanks to my friend John Bryne for this)


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