First of all…my goodness this song is hilarious! (I’m a straight sucker for spoofs of any kind to be honest) But…what’s truly amazing is just how TRUE it all is!

It hit me that the song is sort of less an Anthem, and more the celebration of a Blueprint, right? A Blueprint that is being perpetually redefined and transformed by everything from new modes of access and funding, to better models of launch execution and revenue sharing.

New intersections of creativity and commerce are revealed daily. Ideas are created, supported, funded and realized. What will you do with the intersections of YOUR creativity?

By the way, the last line was definitely my favorite:

“….This goes out to all my people starting businesses, DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!!!”

All the best,


Jay Kubassek


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2 thoughts on “Entrepreneur State of Mind…The New Dork”

  1. Jacob A Kaufman

    Truly a good spoof! Gives a new perspective to the Dork idea? Even this handsome gentleman can succeed on the internet. Looks do not matter! Ideas and actions are the key elements for moving forward in the new business environment! Great idea starter!

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