Environments control our mindsets, and our mindsets are the filters we see the world through. 70% of the results you get in life are a result of these environments. (This is one of the reasons that live events are such powerful ways to change your life.)


Want to see the power of an environment? Go into an Apple store. When you step into an Apple store, it’s a controlled environment. Everything you see and sense is experienced as a touchpoint of the Apple corporation. From the dress of the employees to the ways the products are arranged, there’s a buzz just being there. You feel like you’re in the most technologically advanced place on Earth. It’s no wonder Apple is one of the world’s most successful companies.


Sports is another great example. When you’re watching your favorite team play live at a stadium, that’s also a controlled environment. You can feel the energy and feed off of it. Isn’t it so easy to feel energized by that?

That’s what PRO U is about – helping you to create an environment where, by default, the lifestyle you want can happen. What if you could create an environment where your success happens by default? That’s what we do for people. That’s what happened at MME9 this last weekend.


If you were a PRO member at the event, share it. Write about it. Blog about it. Don’t hold it in for yourself. Share your thoughts. Here’s some places you can share:


-On the PRO Facebook page.

-On this article (reply below.)

-On your own blog.


There’s three places. Make it a goal to find 10 places you’ll share about it. By doing that, you’ll establish this cycle of creation for yourself and help re-create the feeling of being there. That’s how you keep the feeling alive from the event. The longer you can do that, the more powerful the event can be for you.

Jim Bunch said “if you want to change your life, you must change your environment.” Delegate your success to your environment. With a positive, uplifting environment that encourages you to do more and to be more, your chances of accomplishing big things are SO much higher. Your willpower won’t always be there, but your environment is there 24/7. You can shape your environment to be something that always pushes you forward – through surrounding yourself with positive and similarly minded people who want you to succeed. And nobody does that like the PRO community.


If you’re always in a space where you feel encouraged to get more done, you’re going to get more done. It will happen naturally. Make the effort to give yourself that environment through the PRO community, and your business will become a team effort towards a common goal. Life will feel like a playground, not a battle. That’s how lives change for the better.


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