What are your “Y” factors?

Your “X”, “Y” and “Z” factors are together, what form your value to society. 

Part 2 in a series of 3, (see part 1 and part 3), this article explores your “Y” factors.

In my last post, I talked about how adversity builds character and how it can be used to form your “X factors”.  It’s up to each individual how they will choose to deal with hardship.  Do we use it to grow and better ourselves?

Once you identify these X factors, out of these stem your “Y” factors- or core values.

While we may not know why hardships happen we do have a choice where we can accept that everything happens for a reason.  We can accept that there’s a lesson in every experience and a positive outcome is certain.

Of course, it can be extremely difficult to have such a perspective when faced with what seems to be insurmountable circumstances.

So, what do you do about it?

It’s inevitable, the more you break through, the more you grow, and the more you start to figure your crap out the more crap there is to figure out…

Enter the “Y” factors.

Simply, the Y factors are your unique abilities and the things which comprise your core values- those things that are most important to you.  In other words, they form your actions or how you operate, your method of operation.

Achievements that stem from your core values will leave you feeling fulfilled.

Every one of these core values stem from a set of circumstances or lessons or things you learned along the way.  Surprisingly you will find that when you are operating from this place you’re at your best.

Look back at times and situations in your life when thing did not work out in your favour.  What did it take for you to get through that?  What was the lesson you learned or character trait you developed because of the incident?  It’s from those experiences that you can then pick out your core values, your “Y” factors.

View my core values here.

If you start looking at these intangibles strategically, these X and Y factors that I’m talking about, and you remain consistent, you honour them and live by them as your own personal creed, you become unstoppable.  You become infallible.  How awesome is that?!



Jay Kubassek

PS. This post is based on the February 19, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: Identifying the Y-Factors

Want to learn more about your Y factors? Read full transcript here.

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