“If you think you can do it, or you think you can’t do it, You are right.”
-Henry Ford

I had a buddy back in Kansas, when the most environmentally conscious part of my day to day life was smog checks and fancy little green EPA stickers (ughk). He, like myself, was a huge music fan, and we developed a bit of a friendship seeing each other at shows out and about Topeka.

My buddy (who we’ll call Tim) was, well…how do I put this, a little on the shorter side if you will (not Danny Devito short, but close!) Because of this small inhibitor (no pun intended), Tim always got to shows pretty early so he could make his way to the front of the stage. Anything further away, and he’d spend the better part of a show studying back sweat and belt loops if you know what I mean.

Tim without fail always managed somehow to make his way up the front. Dodging elbows and purses along the way. Looking back, I always admired how he never let the physical limitations keep him from his goal of enjoying the band front and center. He prevailed not just because of his size, but despite it.

I often have conversations with entrepreneurs, both seasoned and newbies, about what it takes to excel when they feel they’re “lacking” something they need to take that next step. Maybe it’s more social media expertise, a little extra capital, or better developed ad copy. Whatever it may be, I think a lot of those people could take a page from Tim.

Why you ask? Because Tim is a perfect example of the simple fact that all you’ll ever need to succeed, in anything, is already right within you.

All the best,


Jay Kubassek


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1 thought on “It’s Already Within You”

  1. Appreciate this post Jay as I’m working on a collection of stories. You are right on, the beast is inside you. I’ll hit you with a preview chapter when it rolls out. If it sucks, just delete it. – cheers.

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