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We’ve entered the month of October; the final quarter of 2013. In terms of goals and accomplishments, I have daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals to go along with the bigger yearly goals. For me, quarterly goals are among my favorites to set because you can get a lot done in 90 days. Yet it’s not so far away that you lose sight of how long you have to accomplish what you’re going after, like a yearly goal might be.

90 days is enough time to learn a new skill to take yourself to the next level in your business. It’s enough time without being too much time, and right now is a perfect time to think about where you want to be by the end of this year. To do this, think back to the beginning of 2013 and where you wanted to be at that time in your business. Now think about how different that new year would be if you had spent those three months before it preparing for it. Getting momentum like that helps you hit the ground running in the new year, and that’s SO critical right now for all of us to do.

Now, is the time to build momentum!

In October of 2004, I had just come back from a company event I was involved with at the time. John Lavenia was the leader of that company, and he had taught me a lot. I had placed second in a sales contest for that company over the summer of 2004. I had just had my first $10k month. I got to thinking: “Where do I want to go next?” I then set the intention that I wanted to create $100k in commission for January 2005. When you set a massive intention like that, it’s a massive win even if you only get halfway there! I knew that this would cover the last quarter of 2004 as well as the first month in 2005.

I built so much momentum in November and December that when January rolled around, I could just watch it happen. There were so many people locked in that I was helping in business and so many that wanted to join my team that they just started pouring in after the holidays ended. I’ll never forget it! I hit my $100k goal in January 2005. I couldn’t believe that I did it, but it absolutely worked!

NOW is the time to set yourself up for a new level of success 2014!

That all came from me defining my goal at the very beginning of the last quarter of 2004. Fast forward to today, and it’s the beginning of the last quarter of 2013 right now. Now is the time to set yourself up for a new level of success in 2014, just like I did for myself at the end of 2004. You can still pull off a comeback if the game hasn’t gone your way so far. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter what has happened. You still have the last quarter to play.

The question is: how bad do you want it, and what are you willing to do to get it?

Let’s get super dramatic for a moment and say it this way: You have to perform at a higher level in this last quarter; as if your life depended on it. Let’s say that you’ll lose your income at the start of 2014 if you don’t get certain things done. What wouldn’t you do, then, to make that happen?

You can still close 2013 out with a bang. No different then, say a football game I saw recently, where a team had a huge comeback to win the game in the 4th quarter. That’s a great metaphor for life. It didn’t matter that the winning team hadn’t got it done for the first three quarters. They pulled it together, played at a higher level, and won it.

All games are won and lost in the fourth quarter.

Stop giving yourself excuses and stories as to why it didn’t work out this year. Stop giving yourself “more time”. Don’t give yourself an out. When are you going to start taking it seriously? Back in 2004, John Lavenia told me: “If your life depended on it, if you absolutely had to – how would you show up differently? What would your intention be?” Life only happens when you have absolute intention. It doesn’t happen by luck or accident. If you’re going to get the results you want as opposed to mere survival, you’re going to have to go absolutely nuclear. If you don’t, you don’t deserve success.

There are millions of people out there working their butts off just to keep their heads above water. They don’t have all the advantages we have to make our lives better. Yet all those advantages don’t entitle us to anything.

I’m going to dedicate the last quarter of 2013 like I did for 2004 and help people from the community to massive success. We’re working hard behind the scenes preparing for our upcoming events and product enhancements for 2014. The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy is primed to explode. However, none of this matters unless you are taking absolute, deliberate, nuclear action on your goals.

Write down your goals for this week, this month, and this quarter.

What do you want your life to look like in 2014? Don’t wait until New Years to set that intention. Set your goals up TODAY!

All my best,


Jay Kubassek



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