“My most difficult task is to develop the mind set and focus I desperately need to apply to this amazing opportunity. I am definitely in the midst of some pretty spectacular people — and learning — right now.”

So said Jane Ball, 50, a month into Turning Point, as she tackled wordpress.org, a free program she used to create her website, jebop.com. Take a look. It’s a breakthrough for Ball.

Her submission to be a participant in Turning Point jumped out because — many of the people who applied wanted to change their lives but were vague about the specifics — her focus was clear. She had worked hard since she was a teenager, lost good jobs in the automotive industry and in transportation, and didn’t want to repeat the cycle.

“A younger, hipper version of Tony Robbins, with practical content as well as the capacity to inspire — watch him on YouTube — he grew up near Woodstock on a commune headed by his grandfather. “He concocted his own Christian organization on 400 acres,” Kubassek said. “It was a secretive life, no TV, no radio, home-schooling, little contact with the outside world.”

Hysterical! Read the full article and follow Jane Ball here!

I am proud of you Jane! You rock!



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