Through which avenue will I make choices today: love or fear?

There are a lot of talking heads in the online marketing industry. They go about selling whatever they’re selling in many different ways. Those ways can change with the times, but there are certain success principles that have been in place from the beginning of time that are always going to be true. They never change. One of those principles is simply this: love is stronger than fear.

Love and fear are the only two energies in life, and everything we do comes from those two places. They can both motivate us to act, but in the end, love will always be a greater motivator than fear. What this means for us online marketers is that we can build long term success better if we operate from a place of love than from a place of fear.

As a marketer, it can be easier to make money operating from a place of fear. When you are in a place of fear – a place of worrying about what you don’t have – people can play off of those fears.

How many entrepreneurs got their start in 2004 when I did? How many of them are still in business today?

If I look back at the three years before that, I was operating out of fear and from a world I lived in that didn’t have enough. If you’ve ever worked from a place of worrying about someone else beating you to it and getting leads that you could be getting, that’s fear. If you operate from a space of infinite abundance, you’re way better off because that is coming from a place of love.

Worrying about what the competition is doing is letting them lead you, not the other way around. True leaders don’t care about the competition. Steve Jobs of Apple once said: “If I asked the customer what they wanted, we’d be selling commodores. The customer doesn’t know what they want.”

I took a walk along the Jersey shore last night and took time to appreciate the huge amount of water and sand there. The beach runs around the entire continent, more or less. I also saw hundreds of stars in the sky. I was struck by the vast abundance out there in the world.

If you’re ever feeling like there’s not enough – not enough love, or opportunity, or wealth – you’re seeing the world through the eyes of a follower and not a leader; you’re seeing things through a limited view. That limit is a fear-based energy, and that cancels out a place of creation for you. All of the best creation and leadership we are capable of comes from operating out of a place of love.

In the end, we have to deliver more in value than we receive in value to create long term success.

Last week I told you to be completely unreasonable with what you wanted to accomplish. Get out of your head and shoot for something “out there”. Your thoughts have to get out of your head and into a new space if you want to have different results. You have to come at it from a place of abundance. Inspiring people is an act of value and the universe MUST repay you for that. When you operate from a place of fear, you may have success for awhile but it is not sustainable. In the end, we have to deliver more in value than we receive in value to create long term success.

Back to 2004. For a three year period, I was operating out of a place of fear. I met some people who operate from a place or concept of abundance. Any decision that was made was made out of that context. John Lavenia, one of my first mentors, taught me how to grow in a way that forced me to create. When you’re operating from a place of abundance, you’re confident. People will sense it in you. When you’re operating from a place of fear, you’ll attract people who are operating from fear too, and that’s not the best way to build long term success.

Our affiliates (Digital Experts Academy) have earned over 40 million in commissions since 2004. We’re just getting started. We’ve failed many times over that period, but we fail forward. You can’t be afraid of failure if you want to build success in your life.

Above all, whatever you decide to do with your life, however you choose to run your business, always keep in mind which place you are coming from: love or fear.

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Jay Kubassek


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