This morning was one of those days for me… I could not get out of bed.


I was in a funk and it was deep.


You ever get out of the wrong side of bed? You feel like the whole world is out to get you? Like the midnight monsters conspired to take you DOWN!?


Well, every once in a while I have one of those.


Jamie thought I was having my period. I mean it was THAT bad.


So, instead of doing what I normally do… get up, take a shower, have my oatmeal and Starbucks… check my email, reply to the 18000 text messages that came in overnight from all my guys; hang some drywall, and do 100 pushups, etc…. I decided to stay in bed.


Yup, I crawled back into bed. Under the warm sheets–remote in hand.


While I lay there I came up with 10 reasons to stay in bed all day…


  1. I don’t need to do anything today, It’s Saturday. Most dudes watch sports on Sunday (so I flipped on Sports Center)
  2. I don’t have any major chores around the house today.
  3. I am cranky and irritable and I would save others the displeasure of being around me
  4. Miki seems to be having fun with Ayumi, I spent three hours with her last night
  5. Jamie is out with friends for breakfast
  6. I already gave Jamie her Mothers day gift and card (a sweet baby blue beach cruiser with a baby seat for Miki)
  7. I am tired (not sure why, I got 8 hours of sleep)
  8. I shouldn’t have to do what I don’t “feel” like doing
  9. I feel like being a dude and watching sports
  10. I can just call my mom from bed… and as I grabbed for my cell phone…

It hit me like a sledge hammer.


This is the first Mother’s day in my 33 year existence that I can’t call mom and tell her how much I love her. She is gone home to meet her maker. She is resting in peace, like a princess deserves, for a life well lived.


By the time I got to the 10th reason for I felt so decrepit and disgusted with myself that I nearly broke an ankle flying down the stairs.


I was grabbed my baseball cap so fast (to help tame my bed-head) and jammed on some sneakers. I grabbed my bag and was busting skids out of the drive before the front door closed behind me.


How pathetic that every one of the reasons I found to be lazy either started with “I” or where about “me.” How disgusting! Mom taught me the joy of serving others… her entire life was a service to others and her maker.


Fast fwd an hour and Starbucks “venti bold” later I feel like a million bucks. Serving others is what make life worth living and it seems that every time I find myself in a funk, it’s cuz I have lost sight of my priorities or I am not is a space of gratitude and service.


Wishing a wonderful Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms out there… you are the reason boys turn into men. (Men, be sure to tell your mom you love her today.)



P.S. I love you mom. Your legacy lives on. Thank you for being such an awesome example for me.


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2 thoughts on “My 10 reasons for not getting out of bed this morning…”

  1. Well said Jay. Thanks for this post, it resonated on different levels.


    Proud Pro Member

  2. I have been thinking about you Jay. I remember the first Mother’s Day after my Mom returned home. May her laughter, smile and love be with you always. Blessings to you and yours. ~ Lynn Clarke

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