As I sat on my front porch this morning, reading the paper and enjoying my first cup of coffee for the day, I could not help but feel a certain sense of gratitude for the freedom I take for granted every day.


I have had the privilege of living in this great country for the last 9 years, and even though I am fiercely proud to be Canadian, feelings of patriotism and adoration for my new homeland were overwhelming this morning.


After spending the weekend doing the normal “get ready for summer” stuff around the house and enjoying the last three days of family barbecues and abundance – it really hit home.


Without the price of freedom that was paid, and continues to be paid, none of this would be possible.


From the first explorers who decided that the status quo was a far worse choice than the peril of setting out to sea without a GPS – let alone the knowledge that the earth was round – to our forefathers who built this country from scratch with their hands. And to the price paid on the battlefield, in blood, so that our freedom could not only be possible, but ensured.


As Miki came outside this morning, grabbing her little flag out of the flower pot, waving it fiercely, I could not help but feel a rush of gratitude for the freedom my family has to live the life of our dreams. And, not only to live the life of our dreams, but also for the distinct privilege of helping to wake others up to the possibility of living theirs as well.


Thank you God for the gift of freedom. For freedom from oppression, hardship, and persecution. Thank you for the opportunity to live a life fulfilled. Let us never again forget that this freedom is a privilege, not a right. It’s a privilege paid for dearly by countless individuals far braver than myself. This is a gift that I promise will never again take for granted.


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8 thoughts on “Never again…Never”

  1. Jay,
    I am quite happy for you and your family. As I read ‘gratitude for the freedom my family has to live the life of our dreams’, I cried…because, it would seem as I am letting my family down. I know it will come to pass, but the pressure at this moment is huge. Today is the second anniversary of this dream, we are yet to break through! I need every encouragement to hold in!

  2. André Viljoen

    Hi Jay, you know this is so true. I myself thought about my visit with my baby on Sunday past, and I smiled at the thought of her requesting another kiss and hug before I left. It is so often that we forget the little things in life and it is so often that this little things is the most important.
    Have a fantastic day with your family.
    André Viljoen

  3. Hi Jay, I stand side by side with you to praise the courage and grit of the forefathers of your new found home.This great men and women fought with their bare hands in the coldest of season to fight for freedom.The freedom is today still spreading all over the world.
    To your person, I do praise you too, for realizing the importance of this freedom.Most people never know the value of what they have until they loose it.But for you,you know the value even though you have not lost it and will not loose it. Jay,be yourself as always and God bless you!. Collins.

  4. Thank you Jay,I agree with you every things you said it’s true.
    Every things we have,see,feel,taste,smell,Its come from God.
    You too,I know you too,God give you the knowledge to come to this earth to help people to change theirs life.Includ me.I never thougth about myself that I am going find the carbonCOPYPRO.I said to myself God can do everything,everythings it in His hand.1oo% I know is God sent me to your company to be apart of your PRO family.

    God bless you and your family.

    Kong Sourivong.

  5. Hi Jay,

    It does not matter where we live and that we can live peacefully,
    I may come from another part of the world.It is always a privilege and freedom is a privilege…sometimes people tend to forget until it is too late and gone…taking things for granted. So always stay grateful and be grateful.

    Please enjoy the video.. because I had been there!



  6. Francis maranga

    Hey Jay

    Thank you very much as you articles have greatly encouraged me to start working on how to get out of slavery that I have been in for the last 20 years as an employee in public sector with little pay and no job satisfaction.

    May God bless you and your family


  7. Dear Jay Bubassek.This Kong Sourivong ,I would like to be honer and gratitude to you, Jay what you have been enourage me and others members.

    I LOVE to stay in a biger hotel,but I have $434.89 in my account right now.

    I permiss you if I stay a small hotel I will go there on 14 and 15 until the end of the meeting.

    I have faith ,I have hope in you Jay,I know you going to help me to change my life.
    I understand that I must willingness to do the work.I belive and trust you.


    Kong Sourivong

  8. Dear Jay my Angel.It’s wonderful mastermend today.I know you the one’s it best of the best. Homble young man and Love to help people and wake people Up to change theirs life.

    My Dear Jay.I am so sorry I couldn’t do what you said,the VIP ticket ,I would like to be honest to you My Dear, I brok,I would like to Thank you God that I have opportunity to go Live Event Sept 15-16.
    I had $1500.00 than I purchase PRO Leadership because I want this so must.
    I want to learn more and more.I know myself it no’t good like other its OK I have opportunity to learn some things and get sound you and other leaders.

    Thank you My Dear Jay for the Room that you gave me,now I have place to live sept 15 -16. The 14 I just stay small Hotel I will be thear at night.

    You My Angel.

    Kong Sourivong

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