Most people have long since forgotten about the resolutions and goals they set for themselves back in January… they are fast asleep at the wheel with the cruise control set at a comfortable pace.

I am here to remind you that it’s NOT TOO LATE for YOU to get back on track and finish out your year with a BANG! (See the P.S. below to learn about a unique opportunity to work directly with me…)

Anything is possible and it’s NOT TOO LATE to hit the goals you set for yourself in January…

In 2004, I had also set a goal to earn quarter million dollars online. Things were NOT looking good with only a few months left in the year, I got motivated. It was around the same time in the year as right now – mid-August.

In a little over 4 months, I earned over $240,000 as a professional affiliate marketer online. Before that my earnings for an entire year were just $10,000.

I finally broke through and learned how to earn money on demand online… no different than learning how to ride a bike, or swim… this is a skill that requires proper mentorship, the right equipment, and the right environment.

My message to you today is this: It’s NEVER too late for you to learn a new skill. And, that’s exactly what making money is, a bad-ass SKILL.

So, what are you waiting for?

What matters most is the drive and determination you possess.

So, my question to you is this: “How are you going to finish out this year?”

Are you going to coast through the rest of the year – rolling into the holidays in the exact same position you are in now..? (The same place you were in last year? And, the year before? And the year before that?)

Or, are you going to jump-start your LIFE – TODAY! Are you going to crank out 6-figures of real income before Christmas! (How freaking awesome would it be to go into the holidays knowing that you are making an extra $5000+ a month, part-time, from home.)

My challenge to you is this: Stop playing passive and reactive and shift your life into over drive RIGHT NOW. It’s time for you to start playing full out!

Life is TOO SHORT for you to be asleep at the wheel. WAKE UP and go out there and do something awesome!

  • Start that business you have been thinking about.
  • Learn how to become a bad-ass internet marketing affiliate.
  • Make that phone call.
  • Write that email.
  • Have that conversation.
  • Start writing that book.
  • Learn how to become financially self-sufficient and kick the addiction to your job.
  • Submit that BlackBOX affiliate application you have been meaning to do…
  • Be bold and do something you have never done before…. something meaningful!

Whatever it is that you have been pushing off… SEIZE THE DAY and stop dilly-dallying! You feel in’ me?!

If so, I want you to listen to my WAKE UP Call radio show from last week… <<== This episode of the show has gone viral with over 5000 streams in less than a week! Check it out!

Listen closely and get fired up. Listen closely and let the fire burn inside you until your entrepreneurial flames are raging!

Then, BE SURE to mark your calendar and join me tomorrow morning – Tuesday, 14-Aug (and every Tuesday at 10:30 am ET) streaming live online at or simply dial into the show at 10:30 am ET @ +1 (347) 308-8173

WARNING:) You may not like me, or my choice of words. You may even be a little offended by my coarse language. Or, you may be annoyed by how I repeat myself and babble at times. But, a part of you WILL WAKE UP – this I can promise you.

You see, I am HERE to WAKE UP your inner entrepreneur and that’s all I care about. I want to help you finally start to earn the level of income you deserve. I am here to goad you until you either unsubscribe from my list or “step up to the plate!”

I am here to teach you how to make the kind of money you deserve (and hopefully sell you one of my awesome products or services.) Or maybe help you become a bad-ass affiliate who makes thousands of dollars a month helping me WAKE UP other people…?

Regardless, take some form of action. And, at a minimum join me on the WAKE UP Call at 10:30 am ET every Tuesday!

With gratitude,


P.S. On tomorrow’s show I am going to be unveiling my plan to help 100 people become bad-ass affiliate marketers online personally mentoring each to a minimum of $10k a month by the end of the year. You make money and I make money – lots of it! How would you like to be one of them?

Don’t want to wait? Simply enter your name and email here and get your black box affiliate application kit today. (Danielle from my office call you with all the details and your next steps once you have submitted your application.)



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1 thought on “Q4 2012 is about to start… it's not too late to finish it with a BANG!”

  1. Hello Jay,
    Thanks for that punch, but I would like to find out if your plan can work in Nigeria…I have been desiring to do business online, but have been restricted by some limitations….I percieve you to be a nice and honest person, and I wouldn’t mind having you as a mentor…I really do hope you will personally reply to this comment. Cheers.

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