photo (3)This sign (in the bathroom of my doctors office actually) reminded me of a principle that I all too often forget to live by.
“Say what you want, not what you don’t…”

To lead all: conversation, thought, and actions with what you actually WANT, versus what you DON’T, is a powerful way to send out into the universe (and everything in it) the clearest message of your intentions.

I remember years of struggle as an employee. I knew what I didn’t like about my lifestyle; not enough time, money, sleep. I didn’t have the flexibility to do the things that I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it (aka FREEDOM).

Don’t get me wrong, it was perfectly clear to ME what I wanted. I wanted a better lifestyle and a few nice toys. But the question remained — what was the message that I was sending out to the universe on a weekly, daily, and hourly basis? The message was: I DON’T HAVE WHAT I WANT.

Here is a page from my journal written back in 2002:

Scan 18

Projecting what you DON’T want, is not going to get you what you DO want. For example, if you go to and search: “I want to get out of debt” — you’ll notice the responses you get back are all related to just getting out of debt. But do you really want to just get out of debt? Of course, not.

You want to get out of debt, get back your freedom, AND have the lifestyle of your dreams! The simple fact remains: if the message of your thoughts, words and actions does not specify what you DO want, you’ll simply never get it.

As you can see from my journal, my dream was to quit my job and become a self sufficient entrepreneur and write my own paycheck from home. I started my pursuit in 2002. It took until June of 2004 before I was out of my job and making enough money from home in order to quit my job. I met my goal, but it was only a partial victory. It was partial because I still had yet to clearly define what I actually wanted…beyond that. Once the goal was realized, I plateaued and the income actually stopped for about 6 weeks. I was terrified and ran out of money. Paralyzed with fear; I couldn’t eat, drink, sleep, or concentrate

Then I started reading a book called “…Anything Fast” by Stuart Lichtman (you can get it here: <<Also available in your myccmarketing back office here: and learned how to clearly define what it is I wanted to accomplish.What sounded like a simple process, was more of a mind boggling task. I had been so focused on survival for so long, that my mind became muddled and confused when I tried to force myself to get really clear on what I wanted, and how I was going to get it.

This was one of the most challenging tasks I had ever taken on, but I stuck with it. The “dam” finally broke after the 6th week, and abundance started to flow for me.

It was fast. It was furious. And to this day, six years later, it has not stopped.

Do you know what you really want in life? Do you know who you are? Are you clear on your “X”? Your “WHY.” Your cause, purpose, and mission? If not, I suggest you get the book I mentioned above and join me on the Leadership Mastermind Call TODAY at 1pm EST (DIAL: +1 507-726-3494 x11267#). I am going to be talking more about this topic. Should be a good call… See you there!
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Jay Kubassek


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5 thoughts on “"Say what you want, not what you don't…"”

  1. Wow! I think this just woke me up… I have been researching so much stuff over the past year on the Brain, Mind and Quantum Physics and how things operate at a universal level and the only conclusion I have been led to is that what you think is what you get!! If you think you can you will, if you think you cant you wont…

    Thanks for this post and have a good one Jay!

  2. Dear Jay,
    I am writing to offer heartfelt gratitude for your Mastermind call today. I have a very long story, but want to give you only the “nutshell”.
    I joined CCPro in late October last year. I saw and understood the value immediately, even though I was very ill. I have had Lyme Disease for 3 + years. It can be likened to having meningitis & malaria. I have a clear and committed why, but have not made much progress because of the illness although I plugged in as regularly as possible. Now I understand! I have been asking the Universe to heal me first and foremost.
    Guess what, after a year and 3 months of naturopathic treament, the Lyme Disease and the infection in my brain are healed! The process required me to give up my home in California and I am nearly broke, but I no longer have any fear. I can do this! Now I will get out the Black Box again and move forward with my business & goals. I can’t thank you enough for your inspiration and timing.

    1. Julie,

      I sincerely thank you for sharing this. Words are insufficient to describe the courage that you have shown. Even I have moments of discouragement, when I feel a little overwhelmed; but it is notes like yours that remind me of why I am here. The purpose I desire to serve.

      I thank you again for your kind words, and more importantly for YOUR inspiration to me.


  3. Hi Jay,

    This reminds me of something professional race car drivers are taught. “Look where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go.”

    You will go wherever your focus is.

    Thanks for sharing, Jay.


  4. It was interesting to check how you made your plan of things that you want. But one thing that I can suggest is make plans for a year. For example in every new years eve I sit and write down what I want to gain in next year. You know, it works if you think real and focus on that all year long. Sometimes I make all these things in half a year.

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