Screen shot 2010-08-06 at 1.02.37 PMSo there’s this road. It’s your road. Not in the sense that you own it per say. But that it’s just…yours.

There’s EXITS behind you. High School. First Job. First Girlfriend. First Boyfriend.

You can see all of those pretty clear in the rear view mirror.

Despite the fact you’re driving in the opposite direction, they all seem to be right… there…. Strangely still crystal clear.

Right behind you, when you look in your Rear View mirror.

But… you can’t really make out the EXITS ahead. They’re not foggy, but blurry. Threes look like Eights, Eights look like Threes. You flash the brights in hope of a little help. Doesn’t get any better.

It seems that you just have to keep moving forward, and trust that You’re road…is well You’re road. I guess you have to Believe in Yourself, right?

But every once in a while, on you’re road, there not just an exit, but an Intersection. New ROADS appear.

Right banks, hard lefts, sharp rights…..There are EXITS along these roads too.

You can’t really make those out any better than the one’s in front of you now, but then again, you can clearly see what’s behind you on the road you’re currently on.

Do you want more EXITS like the one’s in your past? Or are you willing to take a hard right onto a NEW ROAD. And see if you can’t leave something better in your rear view.

After all it is YOUR Road, remember?


Every day entrepreneurs around the world, take new roads to higher places. I look for my next intersection everyday. A chance to improve, to perform, to create, to assist, to grow.

Stay positive, keep the rear view where it belongs, behind you. Have a great weekend everyone.

All my best,


Jay Kubassek


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19 thoughts on “Searching the Road”

  1. Hi I like what you are saying here. I have a very different rear view mirror!!! I have lived in the USA all my life and now have enjoyed my first 6 months of Electricity I totally see the importance of associating with people who have what you want so C.C.P. is exciting opportunity for me.

  2. Jay Thanks! I needed a laugh!Keep them coming. Can not wait til I sit back and write a few words for the crowd myself!Just to make their day and or weekend. Lovely picture of u and ur kid!

  3. I have chosen to take a hard right turn.. in my life… took a lot of courage.. but I decided to give myself a chance ” A chance to improve, to perform, to create, to assist, to grow.” thanks Jay

  4. Hi Jay,
    Good article.
    IMHO the turn you take without seeing very far does not matter.
    Fair weather never made a good sailor. So some time the rough water is such a ride and such an important scare.
    If the experiences gained, from making a turn, hurt then that is the learning curve and the experience, and you might fall down, as we all have at times. But falling down is not failure, staying down is.
    So the turns are important and not to be procrastinated at.
    Seeing only a few feet ahead (in the headlights) will not change the fact that you are driving from NYC to LA.

    Have a good weekend
    Am off sailing rtoday and tomorrow (have a 16ft Hobie if you ever wish to come).

    Kind regards

  5. Hey Jay –

    Great perspective. Your correct, it’s all of our personal journey’s. It’s up to each one of us to make the decision to make that turn if so desired. Sometimes it’s a good turn, but other times not so good. As long as we are moving forward in the direction that we want our life to be like and how we envision it as, then make the turns necessary to make it a wonderful journey.

    Thanks for keeping it real.

  6. many of us reach a point in our lives where we are “stuck in a hole”. We have two choices…we can stay where we are and wait for the earth to cave in on us or…we can dig like hell and find a way out.
    The intersection is your opportunity for change.

  7. Karen Skalsky

    Jay and Aaron,
    I just bought the BIB and recieved it a week ago. I did alot of research on CCP and found that you do have the fastest and the most informational tools in the program. I have gone to college for market and advertising and the cost was around the same amount for less information and education. I was just sharing with friends that I just put myself out there with CCP and that I wanted to start my own business with CCP and they were totally excited for me. It made me think just then, this is a tool for so many others to use even just for information and education. I now know how to market you (CCP) and how it can benefit others. I just want to thank you and Aaron for all your time and effort that you put in to creating CCP for other to try to make the effort to achieve there goals and dreams to have a better life and hopefully to help others.


    Karen Skalsky

    You and your Wife did good, your baby girl is so cute!!!

  8. Thanks Jay,
    Sometimes there are distractions on your road as you drive along… they can cause you to lose focus, your direction and get lost, how frustrating it is!!!
    Thanks for an inspirational article.


  9. Hey Jay,
    I like your article, wish I could join you Jay, on your ride down that road.I read a good book a while back,The Science Of Growing Rich, by Wallace Wattles, I remember this specifically: There is a thinking stuff of which all things are made, and which, and in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the inter space of the universe, a thought in this substance, produces the thing that is imaged by that thought.
    Man can form things in his thought, and, by impressing his thought upon a formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.
    When I think about filling that space in the universe,the th.ought I think is about you Jay, and C.C.P, I am coming Jay,I have to start living or start dieing.

  10. Hey Jay, To only be back in High School again and know then what I know now, thanks to the education CarbonCopyPro’s University has provided me. Great Article!
    Respectfully, Connie

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