So…you’re driving down the highway on the way from….wherever, and it hits you!

Boooom! Booyah! Kerplow!

The Golden moment! Divine inspiration! THIS is the idea you’ve been waiting for! It’s absolute genius! No one else (at least as far as you know) is doing this exact same thing.

NO ONE!! Muhaaa haaaa!!! “Honey were goin shoppin! I’ve got a million dollar idea!”

Well that idea very well may be worth a million dollars, but for all would-be entrepreneurs, it often feels like you NEED a million dollars to MAKE a million dollars. With the economy still in recovery, the impetus to pioneer on your own, stake your own claim, and launch a business can be a frightening prospect, and seemingly insurmountably expensive.

I will be the first to say that is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. Successful businesses are started everyday with nothing more than passion and an idea. A great article today in the Wall St. Journal profiled three entrepreneurs who started their businesses with less than a couple hundred bucks!

Click here for the full article.

“The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings” – David Weinbaum

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Jay Kubassek


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2 thoughts on “The Bootstrapped Entrepreneur”

  1. Great inspiration Jay! I’ve had those moments a couple times… and I’ve let them slip by. Dreams and Determination! An abundance of both and you will be destined for success in any situation and any economy. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Jay,

    I really like reading your stuff. Thanks for the last quote by Weinmann, this truly makes my day. I started many things but couldn’t bring them to an end, just because I felt deep inside, that after all efforts it’s not the right thing or it’s not working out or whatever and people keep telling me over and over again that I should always finish what I started otherwise I will loose self esteem.
    I always respond that you have to put your heart into an idea, but when the feeling develops more and more inside of you, that you are on the wrong track you gotta have the guts to go out and admit that this wasn’t the right thing. Otherwise it might really bring you down!

    Thanks for the inspiration, Jay!

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