The Difference Between a Choice and a Decision

In almost everything we do in life we have an opportunity to make a choice before we make a decision.

There’s a distinct difference between a choice and a decision.

Personal power comes from choice not decision.

If you can be proactive and have first pick why wouldn’t you?

“My life sucks!”  How many times a day do we hear that?

All because “it’s what you have to do in order to perform to someone else’s certain standard”.

What about a life of your own choosing; a life on your terms?  What about that empowered and rewarding feeling that comes with responsible stewardship?

Many entrepreneurs and businesses fail because they don’t have a clear picture or outcome in mind.  They operate from a place of reactive decisions with no strategy to guide them.

Trusting one’s willpower isn’t the answer; willpower alone is not that strong.

When creating any outcome, the actual construction of it is the easy part.

Let’s think of a puzzle. We all have a collection of pieces to our respective life puzzle, and when assembled, it can be a beautiful picture.

If we live in a place of obligation where we do what we must to get by, it’s like randomly shuffling through every puzzle piece hoping that the next one will fit.

Approaching the puzzle from an “end first” perspective can yield major benefits by allowing the proactive positioning of key pieces. This method allows us to think 5 and 10 steps ahead rather than one step at a time.

Strategy is key.

Leave your reactive life of decisions behind and blaze a new trail led by responsible choices.

Make choices based on the big picture. Prepare your strategy and the outcome will be guaranteed!

All my best,


Jay Kubassek

P.S. This article is based on the February 5, 2013 podcast: WAKE UP: The Difference Between a Choice and a Decision

Check out the full transcript here where I go into more detail on this topic.

Listen to podcast replay below…


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