I’ve been an entrepreneur for many years, and I can absolutely tell you that I’ve seen it all.

The highs are highs, and the lows are lows. Everything in between is simply the journey. However, one thing I have found is that no matter what age you’re at or how long you’ve been in the game, crises can happen.

And as entrepreneurs, we are programmed a certain way to deal with a crisis. When it first happens, we’re all about fixing it immediately. We, by nature, are problem solvers.

In fact, it’s probably the reason you see entrepreneurs react so differently to the recent political landscape in this country. Regardless of outcomes, entrepreneurs immediately go into “fix it” mode; something I wish the rest of the country would realize.

Of course, the immediate reaction we (entrepreneurs) tend to have when we cannot fix things is frustration. That’s when we tend to dive into the most immediate problem in our own way, often without a 30,000 ft view the way a third party would instruct us.

That’s certainly not good for our productivity, our creativity or our mindset.

Getting stuck is not a luxury us entrepreneurs can afford for too long. People, companies, and ideas are counting on us and we’re counting on others. It’s a constant state of productivity meets endurance.

So, yeah, a crisis is not something we can allow for too long. It’s funny, there’s a quote I once saw on Instagram that said,

“You’re allowed 5 emotional minutes in the day and then you gotta be a badass.”

I thought that was both hysterical and sort of true. Emotions can break us down if we are not careful and one of the sure fire best ways to handle ongoing day-to-day life and business dealings is to have a mentor.

In fact, regardless of whether or not you’re an entrepreneur, please keep in mind that a mentor is needed for all people at all levels. Again, think of how our country has been so desperately seeking a leader to change their own problems. I don’t believe that’s the way true change can happen. It starts within, and we need leaders (aka mentors) to guide us to take the appropriate actions.

A Mentor Works In Your Favor

They are your teachers, your trusted advisors, and your savior of grace, especially when your back is against the wall.

Not always your friend, but someone who can give you true perspective to help you focus on the big picture as you pursue what you really want, even when they have to do in ways that you won’t like.

And while it’s possible that you can grow very fond of them, they’re not necessarily there to make you like them but to push you forward. They are there to do what’s good for you.

Hence, a good mentor can help you separate what’s urgent and a true crisis from what is not worth distracting you right now as you build towards the life you want.

Yep, they’re pretty much a life saver!

I feel like right now in the U.S., the entire population could use a mentor. It’s time people stop getting distracted by things that don’t matter and start reaching their potential they’re here to perform.

Additionally, a mentor is not the same thing as a coach. A coach is someone who goes through the drills with you and gives advice.

A mentor serves a different role – instead of giving advice, a mentor shares experience, offers knowledge on specific topics and provides input for the best possible results based on said experience.

In a mentorship and protege relationship, the protege has to be empowered to share the results.

In short, the goal of the mentor is to empower them and give them that shot in the arm to keep going – plus a kick in the butt when needed.

This is why I say mentors are not only great for entrepreneurs, but for populations as a whole. Having accountability partners (leaders) make sure we execute the work ourselves empowers us as individuals and helps alleviate a massive amount of our problems. Just think of the profound effects this could have on our country.

Mentors Aren’t There To Get You To Like Them

What I mean is, they don’t do what they do for your approval. That’s not a facet of a mentor-protege relationship. Anything that comes in the way of you reaching your goal is what a good mentor will help you get over.

In essence, they are there to cover your blind spot when you cannot see something that is holding you back.

Life happens, and crises come with that. You’ll be drawn to a crisis and want to problem solve when it happens. That’s something all entrepreneurs share.

If you find yourself focusing on your problems and challenges, that’s different than taking inspired actions that are driving your business forward.

Mentors keep you focused on driving forward. That’s how they can keep us on track.

Let’s look at this from a sports analogy: When a pro baseball player steps up to the plate, they’ve got less than a second to react. The reaction to swing the bat has to be second nature, and must be something they can execute without the conscious mind processing it first.

There’s No Time To Think That Quickly.

When you get good at batting, the subconscious mind takes over and thinks quicker than the conscious mind possibly could.

That’s no different than every reaction we have on a daily basis. These reactions get us frustrated about a crisis quicker than we are able to think about it.

If that happens, what you do is wipe the slate clean and stay focused on the next pitch (so to speak). It’s a long season. If you swing and miss, then you need to put extra time in the batting cage to be better prepared for next time. With the help of a mentor, you can keep that perspective better.

If it’s just you, you start to feel alone and the swings and misses weigh on you more. That’s how most entrepreneurs fail. I believe this is why a lot of people fail, or at least fear trying.

The loneliness is probably one of the hardest things an entrepreneur goes through. They’ve got to have a support system. No Olympian has achieved a goal without a support system, no championship athlete and no successful entrepreneur has gotten as far as they have had without a support system, and that especially includes great mentors.

Again, just think of how lonely our country is feeling right now. They need a support system. However, the support system they’re looking for is not in the form of a government leader, so much as it is to rely on themselves. And in order to rely on themselves, they need a mentor to be their driving force.

So, with that, I want you to understand that the right mentorship is everything. With the right, you can create the circle of influence around you that picks you up after each miss and says “tomorrow is another day. We’ll get the next one.”

Be bold in your pursuit of a “right” mentor. They are not just there to advise. They are there to move you forward.

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