In today’s internet marketing industry, there is a sense out there that some people aren’t making the kind of income they want to be. And it’s not just their bank accounts or lifestyles that are suffering. People don’t have a sense of direction in their businesses and a clear goal of what should come first on their way to success. If people had their priorities in the proper order, I feel like they could be operating much more efficiently than they are today.

The three pillars of success in our industry are marketing, technology, and the products and services we offer. It’s true that each of these are important factors in our pursuit of success. But what’s more important is having these priorities in the right order.

Most folks in our industry (myself included) have at one time or another grouped them in that order: marketing first, technology second, and products last. And that’s not the way we should do it if we want any kind of sustainable success in our businesses for the long term. (That’s why we’ve been working our butts off on enhancing the PRO product line for the past couple of months!)

It’s the age of products and value. This isn’t the marketing age (early 2000s) or the technology age (a couple years ago) anymore, when the best marketing or technology platforms basically guaranteed you success no matter what you were selling. In this day and age, your business will live and die by the value you provide in your products.

Apple is a great example of this. They’re so good at providing value in their products, just having an Apple product has become a status symbol. It doesn’t feel like a product but an extension of yourself and your brand. Their marketing is a close second priority to them (and let’s just say that their technology is a given). Ever notice that their marketing focuses on the experience of the product, and not the tech specs? You won’t see a commercial about a MacBook with the processor speed stats. It’s about the experience.

What can we learn from this as PRO members? Let’s get our priorities and pillars in business in the right order. Let’s provide value in what we offer first.

The law of cause and effect states: for every action, there is an equal and proportionate reaction. By providing value in your products, you’re giving the universe a chance to compensate you for that value. If your bank account isn’t showing the kind of compensation you want, you’ve got to remember to keep your pillars prioritized in the right order. (And money isn’t the only means of measuring value, but we’ll use it that way here.)

We are the world’s first mentorship community for entrepreneurs. As a PRO affiliate, you represent a cutting edge, top tier product line that we’ve done tons of work to put value into. That covers most of that first pillar, but there’s a part of this that only you as a representative of those products can control. YOU matter to everyone out there looking for a way to make their lives better because you bring them that value – not just through PRO, but through yourself. And that’s the variable that you control.

There’s lots of PRO affiliates out there, not to mention lots of affiliates for other programs. What gives PRO the most value is the way you represent it. Once you discover how to be that last, powerful variable to the equation of “Why join PRO?” for folks out there, you’ll have discovered the most powerful way you can change your life with PRO.

The people who join PRO won’t just join because of the value of the products. They’ll join because of you. Because of how you articulate yourself and how you can add value to their life. Because of YOUR story. That’s the X-factor I’ve spoken of before. You and your story is what puts the power in PRO to change that person’s life for the better – and through that, change yours too.


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