These choices we make, they seem so small- they’re made in a split second- and yet every act creates a ripple effect with no foreseeable end. 

Time is valuable.  Actually, can we even put a value on time?

We can leverage ourselves 10 ways to Sunday, but the only thing we can’t get more of is time.  Time is something that is allocated to each individual, and one thing’s for sure, it is finite.  It’s something that certainly deserves our respect.

Another aspect of time worth pondering over is the 24 hour space we all have to work with on a daily basis.  Right out of the gate, hours are taken off our day by our individual lifestyle choices and circumstances.  Influenced by our life experiences, ultimately every one of those choices we make has an impact on where our time is allocated.

Could you say in that moment, as your life comes to an end, that you are happy with the story that flashes before you?

Every now and again we’ll come to certain crossroads, we’ll be faced with certain decisions.  It’s our choice what we do in those “wake up call” kind of moments.  Those moments of substance are like a snapshot in time of where we’re at in life.  They happen very infrequently, but when they do it’s like a reference point that can be used as a catalyst for changing your life.  It’s an opportunity to check- in & evaluate.

We can use that moment of awakening to bring us to a new dimension, a new patterning, a new way of living out our time.

High 5 yourself!  Look for absolutely anything you can celebrate!

There will never be a place “when you will have arrived” because something else will come up and there’ll be another lesson for you to learn.  Yet, the more often you survive, the more you’ll prove to yourself that you can do it!

The key is to celebrate those things that do work out because whatever you give attention and energy to will multiply, and you’ll get more of it!  Thus, you’re working to change the patterning.

Turn those points of reflection, those moments in time that seem to stand still, into a catalyst for change.  They are opportunities that we can use as leverage points because “in a split second” you can experience your entire life flashing before you.  What you do with that experience is what matters.

Use those kinds of wake up calls as a way to “check- in” with your life because the quality of the ride of your life is something no one can control except you!

All my best,


Jay Kubassek

P.S. This article is based on the March 12, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: Wake Up Before You’re Dead

Read full transcript here.

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