There are days we find ourselves in a bad mood and we just don’t know why. We don’t have any pressing legal matters or health conflicts. Nobody’s out to get us. We’re simply depressed, angry or easily irritated by others.

It might seem random, but it most definitely is not.

Everything that happens to us is a result of the choices we have made in our past – this I have learned with many a painful lesson over the years.

Every decision we make is a seed that we plant.

If the seed is planted with good intentions and the right consciousness, we may produce a miracle in the future.

Every single action and intention will in one way or another eventually affect our futures.

If we wake up depressed, it is the result of a seed we planted. Maybe last year on that very day we did something to somebody else to cause them to feel the same way. The energy we created remains dormant until it comes back around to us.

This is why it’s essential to remember: EVERYTHING MATTERS

We’ve probably already made twenty decisions just today, between what we’re wearing, what we’re doing and where we’re sitting. So many of our choices are on auto-pilot that we don’t even realize we are actively making a choice. But knowingly or not, we’re making hundreds of decisions every day.

Start noticing how much of what you’re doing is on auto-pilot and ask yourself how you can inject consciousness into your life.

If you’re taking your first steps out of bed in the morning, take them with great appreciation that you have another day. Choose to think about the blessings you have in your life right this moment instead of what’s wrong or what could be different. If you’re watching TV, take some time to email or text a friend you haven’t connected with in a while.

There are unlimited ways in which we can begin to plant seeds that will bare the future you really want to live.

Today, remember… everything counts. EVERYTHING.

Good, bad, the indifferent.

The good cancels out the bad and the bad cancels out the good.

The net sum is the difference that determines the quality of your life…

It’s simple math to the universe.

Time is the most valuable commodity… it’s finite. With that said, here is a million dollar question for you: WHY WASTE IT WORKING A JOB AND MAKING SOMEONE ELSE RICH?


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1 thought on “Everything Matters”

  1. This is absolutely a wakeup call for this morning. I will do my best to be concious of everything I do and why I do it. Thanks Jay.

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