I was up to my ears in disenchantment.  The inspiration that had urged me to take the initial action was gone!  All I had left were credit card balances and self- doubt.

How often we get excited about a new project, something we’ve been wanting to roll out, it’s like taking on a new adventure.  It drives us in a powerful and inspiring way.  Fast forward a few months into the project and it’s not so fun anymore, you’re just not feeling it like at first.  Disenchantment and self- doubt creep in.  A critical juncture.  It would take little to walk away and go no further. . .

I have learned that disenchantment is a natural part of the creation cycle and it’s inescapable.

Patience & persistence has made me more money than any other characteristic or skill.

Characteristics like patience and persistence are two things that anybody can choose.  How do you know when it’s time to pack it in?  How do you know when to allow disenchantment to run it’s course, where simply all that’s needed really is for you to be digging deeper and muscling through it?  Whether to continue with patience and persistence, or to “throw in the towel” is something you’ll have to determine.  Having the ability to determine which of those 2 paths to go on is a vitally important factor that an entrepreneur or someone who is self -employed must have.

It all comes down to your internal guidance system.

There is only one right path for you in any given moment.  The matter at hand is to know, hard and fast, the direction that internal compass is pointing in those moments when disenchantment starts to bleed through your however resilient, entrepreneurial fabric.

Tap in.  What does your gut have to say about it?

The secret lies in knowing your path.

Why are you doing all this in the first place?  What is the bigger purpose?  Without knowing the answers to these questions, there is no way you can push through those tough times.

Advancing with confidence, knowing that the path you’re on is right for you, is the only thing that can give you patience and persistence to push through the disenchantment, to put one foot ahead of the next.

Peace will rule the day, and you will see momentum swing back in your favor.

All my best,


Jay Kubassek

P.S. This article is based on the April 23, 2013 podcast WAKE UP: Persist or Desist- How to Resolve the Dilemma

Listen to the podcast below…

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