Jay, keep me on your mailing list!

Dear Jay,

Please add me to your VIP mailing list and keep me up to date with all the exciting details on what you are working on for 2014!  I want to know why one of the largest and most influential news publications in the world would say something like this….


Also, I understand that you and your students have generated in excess of $100 Million online since 2007.  With that said, do you have any case studies from some of your most successful students?

Below is an example of one of the many case studies I will be sharing with you on my new VIP list.

Obviously it goes without saying that this guy is the one who deserves the credit- not me.  All I did was WAKE him UP to his already inherent potential- (and provide some mentorship, coaching, and a proven system.)  But at the end of the day, he is the one who was courageous enough to step outside of his comfort zone and take massive action toward his desired, ideal outcomes.

Check this out…



Just wanted to reach out and just drop a personal message of gratitude dude.

Last year I grossed around $1.2 mill and this year I am going to do 5x that.

I’m rocking it man, it feels normal, sometimes it feels unreal- I’m travelling the world, I buy whatever the fuck I want, and I give my family whatever the hell they want.

I’m 24.

I live in a world where I create my own reality, something you have been teaching for years.

I’m living the dream and I don’t even know if this would have been possible if I hadn’t seen your ad, joined Carbon Copy Pro, listened to your <WAKE UP> calls, etc.

Sounds cheesy- but man, you helped shift my life.  I remember buying the $400 BlackBOX and eveyone laughing at me telling me it wouldn’t work.

I am financially free and living the dream.

Yet, after 3-4 years going strong I still find myself listening to your WAKE UP calls…

Thanks man- from my heart dude.

In gratitude,

Shaqir Hussyin


You’re welcome brother.

All my best,


P.S. This article is based on the May 20, 2012 email: Please Keep Me On Your List