His current passion project is the Digital Experts Academy, a life raft for those still stuck in the Titanic economy. Launched in 2013 with a focused mission to help individuals and businesses escape the stranglehold of the traditional economy, DEA provides a clear cut path to help them successfully make the transition to financial self-sufficiency.

Examiner.com – Digital Experts Academy is unleashed: Are colleges and universities offering Internet Marketing as a Major in trouble? As techniques evolve and practices change, DigitalExpertsAcademy.com emerges. Two Internet Millionaires, Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross, give their take on Internet Marketing and how to make conversions mean something. [www.examiner.com]

As an author and a coach Jay regularly speaks to audiences of over 1000 people. His forthcoming book has been in the works for over 4 years and promises to provide a duplicatable blueprint to help individuals tap into their inner talents and unleash their own inner-entrepreneur in the Digital Age.